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July 2003

Cabot, Searcy, Pangburn, Bald Know, Augusta, & Sherwood


Bird hunters who want to get the best flavor out of pheasants, turkeys, grouse and doves they bring home would do well to pick up a copy of Eileen Clarke’s new cookbook.  “A little preparation goes a long way in determining the flavor of wild birds,” says Clarke, whose latest recipe book, “Upland game Bird Cookery” has been recently released.  “Hunters should never wait until they get the birds in the kitchen to start thinking about taste.”  Clarke cites the age of the bird, what it has eaten, and the way the hunter cares for it in the field and on the drive home as just a few of the factors that effect its tenderness and taste.”  Now’s the time to think about those things, she says, before the season starts.  In her chapter on field care, for example, she offers advice on keeping birds cool during an early season hunt including which types of coolers to buy and how to pack them.  Likewise, her instructions for taming strong flavors, treating bloodshot meat, and plucking, processing, aging, and storing birds could save hunters a lot of grief if read in advance of opening day.  While such “bonus material” raises “Upland Game Bird Cookery” a notch above the average game cookbook, its 97 mouthwatering recipes and dozens of extra cooking tips place it in a league of its own.  Each of these delicious dishes has come from Clarke’s own kitchen and from those of friends she has hunted with all across North America.  Recipes include America’s Team Baked Ruffed Grouse, Peasant Pheasant Pie, easy Cajun Turkey Breast, Quail Cacciatore, and Quick Draw Doves, to name just a few.  A true veteran of the outdoors, Clarke has hunted all the birds - including ruffed, blue, and Franklin grouse, bobwhite quail, pheasants, turkeys, chukars, woodcock, mourning doves, and others - featured in the book.  She has written six previous cookbooks, including “Duck and Goose Cookery”, which was published by Ducks Unlimited in 2001.  “Upland Game Bird Cookery” can be ordered by calling 1 - 800-445-DUCKS or by visiting  The book is hard cover, with full color photos, and is $27.50.

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