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Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Weekly Fishing Report

June 11, 2003

Other ways to get the fishing report:
Fax-On-Request line (602) 530-2210, Document #4001
Recorded Public Call-In Line (602) 789-3701

Rory’s Tip: Get new batteries for your flashlights – it’s time to make the switch from daytime to nighttime fishing for bass, catfish and crappie. This is also a good time to switch to night fishing  in the high country for trout. Crappie lights can work wonders for trout. However, I know some fly-anglers who fish at night in the high country trout lakes using float tubes and no lights. Try using larger artificial flies.


URBAN LAKES – Were stocked last week with channel catfish. Fishing for catfish continues to be very good at all Urban Fishing Program lakes in the Tucson and Phoenix areas. Catfish have been biting best on stink baits but are also taking shrimp, worms and hot dogs at all lakes. Catfish have been ranging in size from 15 to 22 inches after the recent stockings.

TEMPE TOWN LAKE –Largemouth bass action is decent. Bass are being caught averaging 1 to 3 pounds. Early morning and evening bites are good with plastics and topwater lures (broken-back Rapalas and poppers). Most fish are caught close to shore. There is a good population of threadfin shad: shad imitation lures also work well. There is a 13-inch-minumum-length requirement for largemouth bass. Yellow bass are plentiful and average about 7 inches. Worms work well for them.  The Arizona Game and Fish Department does not stock channel catfish in this lake, as it is not a designated Urban Fishing Program water. Catfish populations are almost nonexistent here; this is not a hot spot for the whiskery fish. Fishing for carp can be excellent: use dough bait or corn. Small bluegills (3-5 inches) are easy to catch and can be a bonanza for kids using mealworms. You need a state fishing license – Class A (not an Urban License). A two-pole stamp can be used here.

LAKE PLEASANT — The bald eagle closure on the Agua Fria Arm of the lake is being lifted June 15. Bass (both black and white) are typically chasing shad in the coves just after first light. Some have reported seeing bass chase shad in the main lake, mostly off points, during other parts of the day when there is a breeze. The largemouth bass activity remains hit-or-miss. Try fishing off the points of the northern coves. Try using spinner baits and soft plastic jerk baits for smaller fish. To catch larger bass try using larger plastics.  To catch white bass try trolling or spooning in deeper water in the backs of coves. Bass are sporadically chasing shad in the coves just after first light. Try using small spinnerbaits, crankbaits, grubs, or shad.  There have been reports of stripers being caught in the southwest portion of the basin.  Try fishing for stripers in water that is 15-plus feet in depth.  Catfish are still very active. Catfish are being caught in water that is 25 to 30 feet in depth with worms, chicken liver, shrimp, and water dogs. Most reports of shad being caught are coming from the northern coves. There have been few reports of bluegills and crappies. To further enhance our knowledge of the striped bass population, we are asking that any angler catching striped bass please remove the ovaries and place them on ice.  Samples can be delivered to Arizona Game & Fish Department 2221 W. Greenway Rd.  Phoenix, 85023.  Contact:  Scott Bryan, Eric Kohagen or Jerry Sanchez. . 

ROOSEVELT LAKE — The lake was 30-percent full at elevation 2,077 feet on June 9. Tonto Creek was flowing at 3 cfs and the Salt River was flowing at 176 cfs. This has been the crappie fishing hot spot, but the action is slowing down. Some crappies are still caught trolling 2-inch black or blue chartreuse grubs. Next year’s outlook for bass and crappie should be excellent; spawning conditions were great this spring. Bass fishing is slow, both for largemouth and smallmouth.  Bass are starting to go deep with the heat coming on. Tight-lines using drop shots or Robo worms are working well. Bass are being caught at dusk and dawn with topwater plastics. Night fishing for bass is becoming the best time to fish; try noisy topwater lures or glow in the dark plastic worms. Please harvest largemouth bass under the 13-inch slot. Smallies are being caught off rocky points with in-line spinners and crayfish imitations. Catfishing is starting to produce. Try stink baits or hot dogs for channels and sunfish or other small live fish for the big flatheads. Call the Mesa Game and Fish office at (480) 981-9309 if you catch a tagged flathead catfish. Carp fishing is good in the coves using corn or dough baits.

APACHE — Lake level is 1,910 feet (96-percent full). Smallmouth bass are active early and late, use in-line spinners or crawdad imitation crankbaits. Largemouth bass are also active. A few yellow bass are being caught on spoons: try 1/8-ounce KastMasters, Little Cleos or Pixies. The Game and Fish Department is tagging walleye with a blue spaghetti-type tag near the dorsal fin. If you catch one, please note the tag number, location caught and accurate length of the fish and call the department’s Mesa office at (480) 981-9400. You can keep the tag and the fish if you want. There is a certified scale at the marina boathouse.

CANYON — Lake level is 1,656 feet (95-percent full). Large and smallmouth bass fishing are both heating up. Last week an angler reported catching a boatful of largemouth using imitation crawdads working them slow on the bottom in 20 feet of water. There are reports of good topwater action at dusk and dawn.  Find areas where bass are busting balls of shad. Later in the day try drop shots, Westy Worms or Carolina-rigs off points.  Smallmouth action can be really good right at dark. At night try noisy topwater lures and crankbaits for largemouth and smallmouth bass. There are reports of a few walleye being caught trolling with in-line spinners. The certified scale at the marina guard station is available 24-hours a day.

SAGUARO — Lake level is 1,525 feet (93-percent full). Bass action is decent early and late. Casting 4-inch drop-shot rigs toward shore and working back out slowly seems to be working well as does Carolina-rigs with 4- to 6-inch worms (tight-lines). Night fishing for bass is heating up. Hot weather is pushing the fish deep during the day. Bass are now active at night. Senkos, Westy Worms and Robo worms work well at night (tight lines). Yellow bass have been hitting spoons (KastMasters) around balls of shad. Carp are moving into the shallows and can be very fun to catch; try corn or dough baits.  Chumming for them is legal and works well. Catfishing is picking up. Hot dogs, shrimp and stink baits work for them. There is a certified scale at the marina to get an official weight and still release your catch. Two witnesses are needed for the weight to be official.

BARTLETT — Lake level was at 1,789 (88-percent full). Bass are being caught at dusk and dawn on topwater. During the day go deeper with plastic worms or crawdad imitations. There are a lot of bass in the 1- to 2-pound range. Most reports say crankbaits fished near rock piles along the main lake are working best. Drop-shotting “Robo Worms” is working well. The night bite is working well here with many fish being caught after dark. Crappie fishing is slow they are suspended and anglers are picking up a few on minnows. Catfishing is good; some channels and flatheads are being caught on stink baits below Bartlett Dam.

HORSESHOE — Lake is temporarily holding water (16-percent full on Monday), but Salt River Project expects to slowly release the water to Bartlett and the reservoir to go dry in August. No reports on fishing. The Colorado pikeminnow and the razorback sucker are endangered and must be released immediately. Upstream from Horseshoe Dam is an unlimited harvest area for all game fish. The deep pool bellow the dam should start producing flathead and channel cats soon.

VERDE RIVER (above Horseshoe) — Monday morning flows were 62 cfs at Camp Verde and 101 cfs into Horseshoe Lake. Flows were 173 cfs bellow Bartlett Dam on Monday. Fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass is getting better upstream. Try for smallies in the main river bellow riffles. Try for largemouth in the slower back eddies. Use imitation crawdads, Power Grubs or a Z-Wobbler. A good area for bass right now is the pool at the confluence of Oak Creek and the Verde. Catfish should start biting soon. Remember that no baitfish can be transported into this part of the river. For further information concerning regulations, call Game and Fish at (602) 789-3257.

LOWER SALT RIVER (below Saguaro Lake) — The entire length of this fishery now has water and trout. The flow is 556cfs below Stewart Mountain Dam and 300 cfs below Bartlett. Salt River Project releasing water from Saguaro. Trout are being stocked at Water User’s Park and the Blue Point Bridge. Try Power Bait, corn, Z-rays or night crawlers. Stockings at Phon D Sutton and Granite Reef are over for the spring.



LAKE POWELL – Lake elevation: 3,605. Water temperature: 62-70 F. Fish are being caught on shad-imitating lures during the early morning (4:30 a.m. – 10 a.m.).   See Waynes Words Web Page at for details.

LEES FERRY – Fishing in June should be awesome as the new water flows are starting June 1. The predicted flows of 10,000 to 18,000 cfs Monday through Fridays, 10,000 to 16,000 cfs Saturdays and a constant 10,000 cfs on Sundays. This is likely stir the shrimp up, which brings on "happy fish." Most importantly these flows will produce some algae blooms along the banks as the water is increased and recedes, which starts up the garden. In relation to new algae on the gravel bars, expect to see some good hatches throughout the summer well into the fall. Wade fishing likely to be good during the rise on a daily basis with possibly some afternoon drift fishing.  Spin anglers should try using jigs; black, brown, and olive are the hot colors. It doesn't matter what weight. Just get them in the water. Action has been very, very good. For more information, try:

LAKE MEAD — The water level dropped slightly to 1,143.8 feet. An average of 14,100 cfs is being released from Glen Canyon Dam. An average of 15,900 cfs is being released from Hoover Dam. Launching conditions continue to be tricky but workable. The water temperature is 73 F.  No reports on largemouth bass action. The striper fishing continues to be spotty, with some anglers catching a few and others coming up empty. Anglers were still having decent luck in the Gregg Basin/Sandy Point area. Some striper and shad boils were still being found off rocky points and in the backs of coves.  A general rule of thumb this time of year is fish during the day on or near a full moon and at night during a dark moon.  With a crappie light at night, the shad will come to you and the stripers will follow. Lights work best when there is little to no moonlight. Areas with deep water adjacent to shallow reefs or points usually hold stripers. Use anchovies and squid to fish straight down into deep water. A jigging action may help persuade finicky stripers to take your offering.  Use a quarter-ounce jig-head to hold your bait.  Channel catfish and largemouth bass can also be caught using this method. There is a “red” flashing light on Decision Reef to warn boaters of exposed hazards. Decision Reef is upstream of the Temple Bar Launch Ramp on the Arizona side going toward Greggs Hideout.  The ramps at Pearce Ferry and Government Wash are closed. All other ramps remain open. Get more information at Boating upstream into Iceberg Canyon is very shallow and not recommended. Grand Wash is only accessible to walk-ins.

WILLOW BEACH — Projected average daily releases from Hoover Dam are variable. Nevada Division of Wildlife’s Lake Mead Fish Hatchery had been stocked rainbow trout at Willow Beach but that has ended. The fish had been going in at “Jumbo Wash,” which is the first wash you pass before the parking area. Trout fishing was slow over the weekend but a few stripers were still being caught.  A few anglers are still catching big stripers over 20 pounds. There is a certified scale at Willow Beach Harbor so you can weigh your state record fish right at the store.    

LAKE MOHAVE — Water temperature is 68 F. The lake level is 643.9 feet and should remain stable. The narrows are still producing some stripers. Anglers were having mixed luck off the dam with better success on the Nevada shore.  Anchovies and squid continue to work. Largemouth bass were being caught in the Arizona Bay and Cottonwood Cove areas. Look for them at the backs of coves in the thick salt cedar.  Some large channel catfish have been caught at Stop Sign cove on anchovies. For up-to-the-minute reports on striper fishing, call the Cottonwood Marina at (702) 297-1464. Anglers are encouraged to catch-and-keep stripers under 20 inches. Lake Mohave is short on small fish food, so fewer fish means bigger stripers in the long run.

BELOW DAVIS DAM — The best striper fishing is now at night when river traffic is minimized. Some fish are still being caught farther downstream drifting anchovies from Big Bend down to Topock Gorge. A few largemouth and smallmouth bass were being caught in the Topock Gorge area over the weekend on Power Worms and night crawlers.

TOPOCK MARSH — Bass fishing has been slow with some fish being caught near the glory hole and near the north dyke.  Some anglers were still having good luck catching channel catfish using anchovies and dip baits. 



HAVASU – Some anglers have had success with topwater lures like Cordell Pencil Poppers but the action is fast; messing with treble hooks can cost missed fish. It is important to get a hooked fish released and get another cast before the action quits. After 8:30 a.m. or so, try trolling with anchovies in water less than 25 feet deep.  Largemouth Bass are in the tulles or in shallower man-made habitat. River backwaters that have some stained water seem to have more active fish. Tube baits, jigs and small Roboworms have been effective. When wind has been a factor, a spinnerbait is a good bait of choice. For information try:

PARKER STRIP — Water levels remain high.  Anglers were recently having luck with soft baits, especially purple grubs.  Also try crankbaits around shoreline structures or buzzbaits for those bass still on the nest.  Bluegill fishing should be picking up.  Try working worms or small spoons around the grass beds or under docks.  Catfish are picking up. Channel catfish love stinky oil baits like anchovies.  You'll need live bait for flatheads such as small bluegill or goldfish.

MARTINEZ LAKE/COLORADO RIVER — The river has slowed to 1,200 cfs.  A few sandbars are showing.  The visibility in the river is 6 feet.  Visibility is generally better in the backwaters. Daytime temps have been over 100.  Nighttime temperatures drop to 70 or so.  Fishing is great.  Shiners are the best bait. Senkos are working well.  Purple is the best color.  Backwater lakes have given up some nice bass this week, mornings and afternoons.   Stripers are biting night crawlers and chicken livers.  Flatheads are active.  Crappies, if you can find them are hitting small shiners.  For more information, try: 

MITTRY LAKE – Some nice bass have been caught on Rat-L-Traps and on plastic worms (purple or black).  Bluegills are big lately and biting best on mealworms.  Stink bait and liver work best for channel cats. Try live goldfish or bluegill for flatheads. 

YUMA AREA RIVERS/CANALS — Anglers along the Gila Main Gravity Canal backwater ponds just south of Mittry Lake are still catching nice-sized redear sunfish.  They have reported using worms and spinner baits.  One angler reported catching some smallmouth bass in the Gila Gravity.  The flathead bite continues to pick up; use bluegill, shad, goldfish and even night crawlers.

FORTUNA POND — Fishing is slow.  Anglers at night are having luck catching channel catfish.  During the day small bluegill are plentiful and bite corn or worms.  

REDONDO POND —No anglers lately but there are nice schools of bass along the shorelines along with nice bluegill.  You can access this pond on the west side (BLM land) where there is a primitive boat launch for a small boat. 

 EHRENBERG — Anglers are enjoying warm water conditions for bass and catfish.  Fishing is good.  Bass are biting purple or green plastics and spinnerbaits. Catfish like stink baits, worms and chicken livers.  Stripers can be caught on anchovies and chicken livers.  Bluegills can be found in still waters using worms as bait.  Flatheads are biting in the evenings on live baits.  Cibola Lake is the place in the Ehrenberg area to find some big flatheads.

ALAMO LAKE — Anglers are doing well all the way to the dam.  Pitching green worms or lizards into the sticks near the shoreline is the most productive method.  Shad-like crankbaits are working. A few larger fish have been caught in deeper water. Catfishing is good.  Stink bait is still the preferred bait.  The lake elevation is low, so boat with caution.  The upper end of the lake is shallow and there are several new snags and rock outcroppings starting to show up.  



Angler’s Note:  Fishing has begun to pick up at the Williams’ area lakes.


KAIBAB LAKE – The campground is open.  Scheduled to be stocked with rainbow trout this week.  Fishing is fair for trout using worms and rainbow Power Bait.

CATARACT LAKE – Campground is open. Water quality is not sufficient to stock trout.

CITY RESERVOIR – Scheduled to be stocked with rainbow trout this week. Fishing has begun to pick up. Was stocked with catfish three weeks ago.

DOGTOWN LAKE – The lake is closed to all users so the Forest Service can renovate the campground and picnic areas. 

WHITEHORSE LAKE – Campground is open. Scheduled to be stocked with rainbow trout this week.  Fishing is fair.

JD DAM – Has been stocked.

SANTA FE – Scheduled to be stocked with rainbow trout this week. Trout and catfish were both being caught on worms fished about 4 feet below a bobber.  Trout and catfish were also being caught on lures. Was stocked with catfish three weeks ago.


LOWER LAKE MARY –Trout fishing was good over the weekend in the shallow water in rainbow Power Bait and worms.  Catfish were also being caught on night crawlers and chicken liver.

UPPER LAKE MARY – Crappie fishing is good. A 20-pound northern pike has been caught this year.

ASHURST LAKE – Scheduled to be stocked next week. Fishing picked up when the wind wasn’t blowing.

KINNIKINICK LAKE  – Scheduled to be stocked with rainbow trout this week. Was stocked with catfish three weeks ago.  Received bonus stockings of trout last season and may have holdovers.  Catfish are being caught near the dam.

OAK CREEK – Fishing is fair for brown trout good for rainbow trout.

LONG LAKE – Lake is open.  No report. Remember that using live fish as bait in Coconino County is illegal. The trout should start getting active.

SOLDIERS & SOLDIERS ANNEX – Soldiers Lake is full and Soldiers Annex is filling.

BEAVER CREEK No report. Has been stocked.

WEST CLEAR CREEK No report. Has been stocked.

STONEMAN LAKE – The lake has picked up some water, but no stocking is planned.

BLUE RIDGE – Lake has spilled.  Stocked with rainbow trout last week. Should be plenty of holdovers.  Boat anglers are catching a few fish.  A few fish are being caught from shore on red Power Bait.

KNOLL LAKE – Road is open. Has been stocked with rainbow trout.

VERDE RIVER — Fishing has been slow on the river above Camp Verde.  Try natural baits like grasshoppers and hellgrammites this time of year.  These baits fished under a slip float will pick bass and catfish.  Remember to bring a variety of baits while going for catfish.  Baits like shrimp, hot dogs and mealworms might work at times when nothing else does.      

DEADHORSE STATE PARK LAGOON — Fishing was slow over the weekend with just a few folks catching some bluegill and a catfish or two.    

LYNX LAKE Trout fishing was fair over the weekend. Folks were having mixed luck catching the rainbows with Power Bait and worms. Brown trout stockings have concluded. More than 10,000 were stocked in April.  Brown’s will take spinners, flies, worms and small minnow lures. Brown trout do not bite on Power Bait as readily as rainbow trout. Rainbow trout are due to be stocked the first week in July.

FAIN LAKE – Trout were stocked last week. Rainbow-colored Power Bait and worms were both working well last weekend.



CHEVELON CANYON LAKE — Fishing is fair to good. Try lures such as Z-Rays, Panther Martin spinners, Rapalas and flies (wooly worms, wooly buggers, and peacock ladies). Its summer time so fish early in the morning and late in the evening.

BEAR CANYON LAKE — Fishing is fair to good. Try worms, Power Bait, lures and flies. The lake has been stocked with catchable size rainbow trout. Fishing is best early and late in the day.

BLACK CANYON LAKE — The lake is open and full. The boat ramp is accessible. Catchable size rainbow trout have been stocked. Try using worms and Power Bait, as well as Z-Rays and Panther Martin spinners. Flies such as woolly worms, woolly buggers, and peacock ladies are also effective. Fish early and late in the day.

WILLOW SPRINGS LAKE — The boat ramp is accessible. Fishing is fair to good. Try worms, Power Bait, lures and flies. The lake has been stocked with catchable size rainbow trout. Fish early and late in the day.

WOODS CANYON LAKE — The boat ramp is accessible. The fishing is fair to good. The lake has been stocked with catchable rainbow trout. Try worms, Power Bait, lures, and flies. Fish early and late in the day.   

GREEN VALLEY LAKE — Fishing is fair to good with most anglers catching limits of feisty trout. This fishery is part of the urban fishing program and requires an urban fishing license. The lake contains rainbow trout, bluegills, and catfish. Power Bait, salmon eggs and worms are effective. Try Crappie jigs, small Rapalas, crankbaits, and small spoons. 

CHEVELON CREEK — Try worms, Power Bait, lures and flies in the deeper pools.


Note To Anglers:  Call the Forest Service for fire restriction information.  Things are warming up and the trout will be more active early in the morning and late afternoon.  Water temperatures are also warming up, so fish deep.

BECKER LAKE — The boat ramp is accessible. Catchable size rainbow trout have been stocked.  Fishing is fair. Try lures and small flies. Fly fishermen are catching some larger rainbow trout. 

BIG LAKE — Fishing is fair to good.  The lake contains rainbow, cutthroat, brook and Apache trout. Try worms, Power Bait, lures such as KastMasters, Z-Rays, and Panther Martin spinners. Flies such as peacock ladies, woolly worms and wooly buggers have been effective. Use the South Cove boat ramp. The water level is low at the other two boat ramps.

CONCHO LAKE — Fishing is fair. Fish early morning by the dam or by the boat ramp.  Try worms, Power Bait and flies. The lake has been stocked with catchable size rainbow trout. 

CRESCENT LAKE — The water level is low and the lake is weedy. The west side boat ramp is the most accessible. The lake has been stocked with catchable size brook trout. Try worms, Power Bait, and flies.

FOOL HOLLOW LAKE — The lake is low and launching boats may be difficult, so use caution. Fishing is fair for trout but good for catfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and walleye. Try worms, jigs, and crankbaits for bass and walleye and chicken liver for catfish.  The lake has been stocked with catchable size rainbow trout.     

GREER LAKES — Fishing is fair to good. Try worms, Power Bait, lures, and flies.  Bunch, Tunnel and River Reservoirs have been stocked with catchable size rainbow trout. A few nice brown trout over 16 inches have been caught at River Reservoir. Bunch and Tunnel Reservoirs are low so use caution when launching a boat.

HULSEY LAKE — Stocked recently with catchable size rainbow trout. Fishing is fair. Fishing will be best in the early morning hours and late in the day.  Try worms, Power Bait, and flies.

LEE VALLEY RESERVOIR — This fishery experienced a winter fish kill but some grayling survived. Try small (size 14) nymph flies such as Hare’s ears, caddis fly, beadheads and Peacock ladies. Catchable size Apache trout have been stocked in the lake. Fishing is fair due to an algae bloom in the lake.   

LUNA LAKE — Fishing is fair. Try worms, Power Bait, lures and flies. Stocked recently with catchable size rainbow trout.  

LYMAN LAKE — Fishing is fair to good for catfish and carp.  Try liver or corn. There is a health advisory for Lyman Lake. Mercury levels were detected in the fish. Children under the age of six should not eat any fish from the lake. Women of childbearing age and children under the age of 16 should limit their consumption of fish to one meal per month. Adult men over the age of 16 can consume five meals per month. 

NELSON RESERVOIR — The lake is low. The boat ramp is slightly out of water. Fishing is fair. Try Power Bait just off shore. Try using water casting bubble or fish at least 18 inches off the bottom during the cooler hour of the day.  The lake has been stocked with catchable size rainbow trout.

RAINBOW LAKE — The lake is full. The boat ramp is accessible. Fishing is fair for trout. Try worms, Power Bait, lures, and flies. The lake has been stocked with catchable size rainbow trout.  Bullheads are plentiful in this lake and are good to eat.  Try fishing with a worm on the bottom near dusk.

SCOTT'S RESERVOIR — The lake is full. The boat ramp is accessible. Fishing is fair. Try worms, Power Bait, lures, and flies. The lake has been stocked with catchable size rainbow trout. Fish early and late in the day.

SHOW LOW LAKE — Fishing is fair to good for rainbow trout. The boat ramp is accessible. Try worms, Power Bait, lures and flies. The lake has been stocked with catchable size rainbow trout.  Other fish species found in this lake include sunfish, bass, catfish, and walleye.  This lake produces nice size fish!

WOODLAND LAKE— The lake is down slightly. The boat ramp is accessible. Fishing is fair. Try worms, Power Bait, lures and flies. The lake was stocked with catchable size rainbow trout in early May.

CHOLLA LAKE – Cholla Lake experienced a bad fish kill. Fishing is poor. This lake contains largemouth bass, channel catfish, sunfish and carp.

CLEAR CREEK RESERVOIR — Fishing is fair for trout. Try worms and Power Bait. Rapala lures are also working well. This lake, south of Winslow, contains largemouth bass, sunfish, channel catfish, bullheads, rainbow trout and carp. The lake was stocked with catchable size rainbow trout in May. Summer time air temperatures are rising so fish early and late in the day.

SILVER CREEK — Trout fishing is fair. Try using small spinners and small, bead-head flies, worms and Power Bait. The section of stream about 1-mile downstream from the hatchery is closed to fishing. The creek has been stocked with catchable size Apache trout.  



TUCSON URBAN The urban lakes – Silverbell, Kennedy, Lakeside and Sahuarita – will be stocked with channel catfish this week. Try worms, chicken liver, hot dogs or prepared catfish bait. These lakes also have aggressive, fast growing, tasty, hybrid sunfish. Fishing for sunfish has been good. Use mealworms and earthworms and a small hook, size 10 or smaller, under a bobber set at 3 to 5 feet. Buy a two-pole stamp and try different baits to double your chances.

RIGGS FLAT — Riggs was stocked with trout last week. The weather is cool. For lake information and fire restrictions call (928) 428-4150

CLUFF RANCH — Not stocked due to low water levels. For lake information call (928) 485-9430.

ROPER LAKE — Was stocked with 1,000 catchable size channel catfish. Slow for warm water species. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

DANKWORTH POND Slow for warm water species. For lake information call (928) 428-6760.

KEARNY LAKES — Not stocked due to water quality issues.

ARIVACA Bass fishing during the day has slowed with the warmer weather. A decent night topwater bite is developing. Anglers using Jitterbugs and other topwater baits are catching fish. Plastics fished drop-shot style early in the morning are still your best bet. However, an angler using a Zara Spook caught some bass in the 4-pound range. Water level is dropping quickly but the boat ramp is still usable.  REMEMBER: LARGEMOUTH BASS MUST BE IMMEDIATELY RELEASED. Also remember, the mercury advisory for all warm water fish is still in effect.

PENA BLANCA Fishing for bluegill and redear is excellent from the shore. Bass fishing has slowed: bass appear to be spawning again. Give it a couple weeks and the bass bite should be excellent, especially at night. The department's weed harvester has been on the lake recently trimming the weeds. Remember; the mercury advisory for all warm water fish is still in effect. Bass less than 13 inches long must be released. Trout are okay to eat.
PATAGONIA  Fishing for bass has improved.  Most successful anglers are working along the reeds and flipping pumpkin seed or motor oil colored worms.  A few bass are being caught using night crawlers on the bottom. Crappies are also biting well.  Anglers are having good luck with chartreuse or yellow mini jigs in the marina.  Early morning or late afternoon is best. Channel catfish are being caught near the stream inlet using night crawlers, chicken livers and shrimp. The lake is also good for sunfish. Try fishing the stick-ups in the shade. For lake information call (520) 287-6063.

PARKER CANYON — Fishing at Parker Canyon Lake this weekend was fair. An occasional trout is still biting on Power Bait and worms, but have slowed down due to a rise in water temperatures.  Bass in the 1 to 1.5-pound size are being caught on worms and various crankbaits. Some nice bluegills are being caught on night crawlers and mealworms. Catfishing is slow. Pike fishing is slow. Try silver spoons and fish imitation lures along the shore and channels.


ROSE CANYON LAKE Will be stocked with trout this week. Lots of limits are being caught. Anglers were using all the normal trout baits; Power Bait, corn, cheese, salmon eggs, and small spinners, all were catching fish. Don’t forget you need a trout stamp to fish here.


Note: The Arizona Game and Fish Department prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability in its programs and activities. If anyone believes they have been discriminated against in any Game and Fish program or activity, including its employment practices, the individual may file a complaint alleging discrimination directly with the Game and Fish Deputy Director, 2221 W. Greenway Rd., Phoenix, Arizona 85023, (602) 942-3000 or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 4040 N. Fairfax Dr., Ste. 130, Arlington, VA 22203. If you require this document in an alternative format, please contact the Game and Fish Deputy Director as listed above or by calling TTY at 1-800 367-8939.


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