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11/19/2001 - Article/Press Release

STORM Gets Dangerous With 2002 New Products
Hot ‘N Tot gets needed makeover; Wart and Thunder families get new blood

Minnetonka, Minn. – Storm Lures just got a lot more threatening as some good things just got a whole lot better with the introduction of the upgraded Hot ‘N Tots, and with additions to the Thunder and Wart families of lures.   

Hot ‘N Tot

Storm’s Hot ‘N Tot, the classic number one selling trolling and drift-fishing lure for walleye, steelhead and salmon, gets a facelift this season with a new polycarbonate lip, sonic-welding for tough, no leak seams, and an array of pad printed new colors.  Long overdue for a change, left untouched in the new Hot ‘N Tot’s is the trademark “wild searching” action that has endeared itself to anglers everywhere as an exceptional lure for deep trolling.

“The Hot ‘N Tots are staying the same, but getting way, way better,” said Jim Morton of Rapala’s Pro Staff.  “These are built like a brick house.  The polycarbonate lips won’t bend, they’ll stay in tune.  They won’t leak.  And the side-to-side erratic motion will remain intact.  We listened and agreed with what the anglers were demanding.  We heard you.”

The lure’s lip comes in a clear polycarbonate material (with color options).  The Hot ‘N Tot is available in two sizes (#5 and #7) and comes in twenty patterns (Walleye, Purple Trout, Silver Shiner, Solid Chartreuse, Rainbow Trout, Bass, Naturistic Perch, Brown Crayfish, Green Crayfish, Brown Trout, Red Hot Tiger, Hot Tiger, Metallic Silver/Black, Metallic Gold/Black, Metallic Gold/Flourescent Red, Metallic Silver/Blue Herringbone, Metallic Silver/Blue, Metallic Silver/Chartreuse, Metallic Gold/Blue Tiger, Red Crayfish.

Wart Family

New siblings to the Wart family are the MidWart and the #4 SubWart, featuring wiggle action that has now been made consistent among the rest of their Wart kin. 

“From crappie to panfish, from bass to walleye, from steelhead to salmon, the Wart’s versatility has increased,” said Morton.  “With the amazing success we’ve had with the original SubWart, adding these two will strike fear in fish lurking near the top.”

Whether cast or trolled, the MidWart and #4 SubWart are superb for all predatory fish.  It runs true and steady even in racing river waters.  The MidWart runs about 2-5 feet deep, just a little deeper than the SubWarts, but not quite as deep as the Wiggle Wart.  MidWarts come in 19 colors at a size #5.  SubWart #4 comes in the same twelve colors as its bigger brother, SubWart #5.

Shallow Thunder and Deep Thunder

At more than 8-inches long, these additions to the Thunder Family of lures aren’t afraid of anything, whether it’s in freshwater or saltwater. 

“Deep Thunder can go down 25-30 feet, while the Shallow Thunder cruises at 0-5 feet,” said Morton.  “With its tight, frantic, wounded-minnow action and distinct rattle, the new Thunderstick lures entice fish into action.  The heavy duty hardware and thick body walls are built to take powerful strikes from tough, toothy heavyweights.” 

The Deep Thunder dives straight down to give you maximum exposure in the strike zone.  A straight vertical descent to the desired depth, tracking true all the way down.  Perfect for trolling or anchoring in current.

The Shallow Thunder is perfect on the surface, in shallow water and over structure.  It can be trolled or cast.  Due to a short lip, it won’t swim deeper than five feet.

Both lures feature high impact plastic, popular patterns (Green Mullet, Metallic Gold Mullet, Metallic Silver Mullet, Mullet, Blue Chartreuse Mullet, White/Red Head, Hot Tiger, Blue Mackerel, Green Mackerel) and internal rattles that say “bite me.”   

Storm Lures is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rapala/VMC Group (Helsinki Stock Exchange: Y.RPA).  Founded in 1964, Storm is best known for such popular-selling lures as the Wiggle Wart, Hot ‘N Tot, Chug Bug, ThunderCrank and Thunderstick.  For more information about Storm products, visit the Storm Web site at

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