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Crankin Late Summer Bigmouth By Ron Anlauf
There’s no better time than the present to start cranking up late summer largemouth.   Summer heat can slow things down, especially if you haven’t made the adjustment and picked up the pace.  A crank burned over or through the right cover can appeal to a bass and its wound up metabolism and get noticed when other methods come up empty.  When it doubt there is no doubt; you might as well chuck a shallow or deep running crank and see what you can come up with.
Early Fall Walleyes Tactics By Ron Anlauf
Big changes are coming which can be a real good thing if you’re a walleye angler.  It all starts when schools of walleyes that have been living large on deeper summer haunts pack it up and make a major change in location and start showing up on shallower structure like rock and gravel reefs, as well as weed covered flats. Even before the infamous fall turnover stirs things up and sets walleyes on their ears, hot patterns start to set up that are largely overlooked.
Bobber’s Down, Fish ON! By Ron Anlauf
Bobbers schmobbers, I’d rather do anything than use a float!  That’s the mind set of a lot of anglers that think the technique is to too simple, or too basic. There welcome to their opinion but that attitude is costing them some fish, and leaving plenty for the rest of us. Successful float fisherman have found that this tried and true method can get a bait into areas that heretofore have been nearly impossible to fish.   By putting the right bait in the right place and keeping it there you can maximize your chances for boating  ol’ marble eyes.
Hang ‘Em High Smallmouth By Ron Anlauf
A big smallie busting a lure up on top is about as exciting as it can get and really gets your heart pounding. A lot of the fun is in the anticipation, and knowing that at any moment the surface might explode and you finally get your chance to go toe to toe with a fish that has a superb “A” game.  If there’s a downside it could be that the opportunities for nailing topwater smallmouth are rather limited, or at least that’s the accepted rule of thumb. - May 23rd 2007
James Linder Induced into the National Freshwater Hall of Fame
James Lindner is being inducted into the 2007 National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Communicator for his significant and lasting contributions to freshwater angling.  This award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on someone in the sport fishing community and came as a result of the prestigious National Awards Committee’s wide-ranging search for deserving individuals.
- May 20th 2007
Sissy Sticks and Giggy Bass -By Paul Strege
National tournament circuits have generated a great deal of publicity for jig worming as of late. With field sizes increasing, tour practice periods decreasing, and pressure on bass at an all-time high, the rise in popularity of the jig worm is not surprising. The technique, also known as shaky head worming, catches fish when others fail. Virtually every large-scale tackle manufacturer has a finesse line of soft plastics, many of those geared towards jig worming, so choosing the most effective lure for a given situation is a daunting task at best.
- April 15th 2007

Do Spawning Fish Bite? - By Adam Johnson
Do spawning fish bite?  That's a good question.  Many anglers don't think so because they see those largemouth bass on the beds and when they run a lure by them, the fish just ignore it.  Schools of spawning muskies in the shallow bays won’t look twice at a lure that cruises by.  But what about those bluegills that are sitting on top of those nests?
- March. 14th 2007

Ice-out Perch - By Ron Anlauf
When the last layers of ice finally start to give way to open water, panfish respond and will move into specific shallow areas where the can be readily caught, you just have to know when and where. Most of the early season panfish attention is directed towards sunfish and especially crappies, but there’s one more member of the family that usually gets passed over and its jumbo perch.
- March. 14th 2007

Depression Era Slabs - By Ron Anlauf
Crappies are an early season favorite for good reason; they’re not that hard to find and they bite when you can find them.  They provide a great opportunity for getting the open water season and can be caught from a boat or the bank, and everybody can get in on the fun. Most of the action surrounds shallow water including black bottom bays and channels where they will show up in masse and the action can be downright intense. These early runs are all about feeding and nothing more, as the actual spawn may be a month or more off. - March. 14th 2007

Hot and Heavy Late Fall Walleyes by Rick Olson
It’s all good when it comes to chasing walleyes in reservoirs late in the fall, at least most of the time.  Big reservoirs can really heat up right before freeze up and is a time when some hefty catches are made.  The last of the last just before freeze up is what we’re really talking about, and is an excellent time to be on the water. The biggest piece of the late fall puzzle to place is location, and fortunately it’s not usually all that tough.  Food is the key and if you know what they’re munchin’ on you can figure it out fairly quickly.   By taking a look at seasonal movements and what they might be using as a main food source you will have a better chance for finding active schools of big fat walleyes. - Nov. 7, 2006

The Fisherman’s Marker - By Paul Strege
“Marker buoys - who needs them?!” That is what I once thought and have heard throughout my fishing lifetime. Until I stumbled upon an innovative version of the traditional gaudy fluorescent orange and yellow “jugs” a few years ago, I avoided using them all-together. Fishing markers are largely unpopular with many anglers today for two reasons: often they attract more anglers to a specific location, and they occupy a relatively large amount of valuable space in a tackle box or storage compartment. - August 25, 2006

Top Secret Bass Fishing Tips That Almost Take The Sport Out Of Bassmouth Fishing
To be at the top of every pro bass fishing tournament you need to know more about bass than probably you know about your wife. If you are happy to be an amateur bass fisherman who occasionally catches a fish then continue doing what you are doing.
- August 25, 2006

Set Up Shop for More Walleyes - by Ron Anlauf
Sooner or later there comes a time when you just need to slow down, drop the hook, and get fishing. Instead of running here and running there the quickest way to put fish in the boat may be camping on a spot. Under the right conditions anchoring up and carefully straining an area can pay big dividends and is method that’s often overlooked and underused. Good walleye anglers know that being versatile is the key to consistent catches and to be consistent you have to be adept at employing a variety of techniques, including anchoring. - August 25, 2006

Classic Late Summer Walleye Patterns - by Rick Olson
It happens every year and this one is no different. Consistent walleyes patterns set up that can be predicted and taken advantage of. Summer water temps increase a walleye’s metabolism which can result in more poles bent and more fish boated. It all starts with a mindset that includes the fact that there are fish actively feeding, you just need to know where.
- August 25, 2006

It Pays to be a Quick-Change Artist - by Tim Lesmeister
I’ve been a fan of Mark Courts for years.  Courts is a pro-angler on the walleye circuit who fishes the major tournament events like the Professional Walleye Trail (PWT) and the FLW touring circuits.  What I like about Courts is he adapts quickly to conditions and it recently paid off for him in a PWT win out in Mobridge, SD on Lake Oahe.
- August 4, 2006

Jurassic Carp - by Adam Johnson
When the fishing gets tough it's because those walleyes, bass, pike, crappies, and even the big bluegills take a break from eating once in awhile. It's almost always when the forage base is at its peak or the weather is erratic. But, you can count on the carp. These fish never stop rooting up the bottom in search of something to eat. They are what I would call dependable.
- July 22, 2006

Well Rounded Walleyes - by Ron Anlauf
Catching walleyes consistently is a simple matter of being prepared and versatile enough to be able to take advantage of opportunities that become available.   Versatility can help you overcome a tough fishing situation, or make the most out of a good one. Top tournament anglers like Team Crestliner member Rick Olson of Mina, South Dakota know just how important it can be, and the most successful have made becoming more versatile their number one priority.
- July 22, 2006

Lost In a Sea of Information - by Adam Johnson
My partner in a bass tournament was asking me why I was picking the particular location I was in and why I was using the lure I had on.  I explained to him that the formula I use is one I devised after I earned an Aquatics Biology degree.  I learned that a particular species will be in a specific location based on certain criteria that has to do with the fish’s biology as well as outside forces, such as weather, current, and other influences.
- July 22, 2006

Open Water Summer Walleyes - by Ron Anlauf
It's time to step back and take a good look around if you want to get your share of catching mid-summer walleyes.  If you've tried everything you know, in every possible place, you may have to dig a little  deeper. What you might not know or even expect is that many of the walleyes you've been chasing are now suspended, and is a common occurence in most bodies of water.  It happens in natural lakes across the Midwest, the Great Lakes, Canadian Shield lakes, and it happens in many reservoirs.  The thing is it's always a possibility, especially during the summer period.
- July 22, 2006

Tuned to the Right Frequency - by Adam Johnson
There are many times when I’ve set up a profile that requires the use of crankbaits.  This is because crankbaits are such a versatile lure.  You can fish very shallow water by using a small-lipped bait and with today’s deep designs you can send that lure down 25, even 30 feet.  There’s very little of the water column that can’t be strained with a crankbait.
- July 22, 2006

Anything Goes - by Rick Olson
There’s no better time than now to do whatever you want and where you want to do it; to catch a walleye that is. If you like to jig in shallow water, great! Slowly work a live bait rig along a deep break line, no problem! How about tolling or casting crank baits? You bet. The thing is; whatever you’re favorite technique is it’s probably working right now. June is the perfect time for being on the water as the walleyes are usually far enough beyond the spawning period to be plenty active, including the larger and more elusive females.
- July 22, 2006


Hot Early Summer Walleyes - by Ron Anlauf
There's probably no better time to be on the water than right now, especially if you're a walleye angler.  The action can be some of the best and it can also be the worst, depending on how you react to the season’s changing conditions.  To be successful, anglers will have to give up on what had been productive just a few short weeks ago and get with a program more in tune with a walleye’s present needs. When the summer sun starts bearing down water temps can make a quick jump and is when early season patterns can completely dry up. 
- April 28, 2006

Fishing the Classics - by Adam Johnson
The Dardevle spoon turned 100 years old recently which brought back some fond memories about all the fish I’ve caught on this trusty piece of painted metal.  There is a reason this spoon is as productive as it is.  The wobble. The Dardevle has a tremendous action associated with it and fish simply can’t resist that motion.  Many anglers believe the Dardevle just gets casted out and reeled back and is basically one of the simplest lures to use.  - April 28, 2006

Power Trip - by Rick Olson
When it comes to walleye fishing it’s the little things that can end up making a big difference. The wrong bait or lure on the right day can be completely ignored. Same goes for speed; too much or to little and you could easily come home empty handed. Walleye’s can be extremely fussy and you have to get things just right to make the most out of a situation, or at least have any chance of putting a few in the boat. While you can re-tie, re-rig, and change baits and lures until you find what they want, you have to have the right gear to hit a specific speed and keep it there.
- April 28, 2006

Early Season Smallies - by Ron Anlauf
Once you’ve experienced the excitement of going toe to toe with a four or five pound smallie you can become addicted. Unfortunately for most anglers they haven’t had the pleasure, but they sure could if they applied themselves. Smallmouth bass are desired by many but caught by very few, and is the direct result of a fish that can play extremely hard to get. The job of pinning down smallies can be almost impossible at times, and often results in a good deal of frustration.
- April 28, 2006

So Many Rods, So Little Time - By Rick Olson
So many rods, so many walleyes, so little time. Walleyes are a unique breed of fish and can adapt to a wide variety of situations, which when translated means you can find them doing a lot of different things in a lot of different places. It can take an arsenal of weapons (rods) to handle every situation, and why professional anglers (including me) carry three or four dozen rod and reel combinations to every tournament. - Mar. 01, 2006
The Big Picture - By Ron Anlauf
One of the biggest breakthroughs in modern walleye fishing has been the introduction of highly detailed contour maps. The new maps have revealed a wealth of information including some of the secret hot spots that only a handfull of anglers knew about, that is until now. Now you can see the spots; the breaks, the sunken humps, the inside turns, etc., and all of it with eye opening detail. Even anglers quite familiar with a particular body of water can learn something new from a high definition map, especially when it comes to larger bodies of water.
- Mar. 01, 2006

Tournament Delayed Mortality - A Hot Topic
Fire up an internet search engine and check out the buzz when it comes to tournament delayed mortality.  It’s a hot topic and it should be.  For years tournaments touted their superior catch and release abilities, but unfortunately the trailers were packed and the event organizers were long gone when fish began floating to the surface, victims of delayed mortality.
- Dec. 06, 2005

“School’s In”, for Smallmouth Bass! - By Paul Strege
As the weight of a ½ ounce spinnerbait pulled my rod into a parabolic arc, I eyed my target, and snapped the rod quickly forward into a roll with precision timing. Just as the bait neared my target, I softly stopped the spin of the spool, and the lure slipped into the water. The rising sun’s radiant energy warmed my shivering body hidden under a black rain suit. The quiet roar of tournament boats still could be heard in the background.

Fishing the WildSide ON ICE TV
Debuts October 2nd. - For the first time ever in the history of television, there will be a fishing show dedicated solely to the rapidly growing sport of ice fishing. Who better to bring that to the world than Chip Leer, Jeremy Smith and the rest of the Fishing the WildSide crew?
- Sep. 20, 2005

Fall-fishing: A Value-added Component to Autumn Hunting
This fall, force yourself to sneak in a couple hours on the water. Every year about this time, the fishing writers and magazines publish stories proclaiming the missed opportunities of fall fishing. “It’s some of the best fishing of the year, and the lakes are empty!” they write. And year after year, the lakes remain relatively void of anglers despite a good bite under the surface. - Sep. 20, 2005

Rapala Pro Fishing Tips & Tales - Crossover Appeal
With certain fishing lures, a glorious history pigeonholes them. When most anglers see a Fat Rap, they immediately think bass. Hold up a red-and-white spoon, and visions of northern pike, or perhaps pickerel, come to mind.
- Sep. 20, 2005

Profiling Bass In Lakes – Mid-Summer: by Adam Johnson
Wow, my e-mail tells me you really appreciate the information I’m giving you regarding finding fish.  As I stated earlier, there’s a lot of information out there on how to catch fish, but very little on how to find them.  When you think about it, finding fish is the most important aspect of fishing. - July 21, 2005

It’s alive! - The end of Mr. Walleye’s line, that is… - By Gary Roach
Some people believe I’m so devoted to crawlers, leeches, and minnows that I ought to launch a fishing magazine called Live Bait Aficionado. My reputation as an exclusive livebait angler isn’t totally accurate, but for the sake of this column, I’ll play ball. - July 21, 2005

Secrets to Finding Late Summer Walleyes by Mark Leadens
Late summer walleyes seem to get an attitude and can be hard to find, and even harder to catch. It’s not that they give up eating, to the contrary. It’s a time of the year when they chow down big time, and make their annual growth gains. So what’s the problem? If they’re not fasting, and there’s still a few left in the lake; Why are they so hard to catch? Part of the problem is that the amount of available food is at a seasonal high. Huge schools of young of the year perch, white bass, etc., start to show up and it gets a little tough trying to compete with all of that available forage.
- July 01, 2005

Over the Top for August Bass - By Scott Bonnema
What could be more fun than watching a giant largemouth explode from out of nowhere and bust a top water bait? Probably nothing; it’s what bass fishing is all about. Working top waters is as pure as it gets and why it’s a favorite technique of top professional anglers. The only downside is that it’s not always the most effective method for putting fish in the boat. On the other hand when conditions are right there’s no more exciting way to get the job done. Knowing where and when is the key, and there are some factors to look for.
- July 01, 2005

Anglers get the lead out at exchange events this year - Minnesota
St. Paul, Minnesota, June 2 — This summer, the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (OEA) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are partnering with retailers, lake associations, and conservation and outdoors groups to offer lead tackle exchanges across the state. Over 30 lead tackle exchange events are scheduled to begin this month and run through August. - June 08, 2005

Beating the Heat for Big Summer Walleyes - By Rick Olson
Scorching daytime temperatures and a mile high sun doesn't exactly sound like ideal conditions for catching numbers of big walleyes but it can be done, especially if you know where to look.  To be successful anglers will have to give up on what had been productive just a few short weeks ago and get with a program more in tune with a walleye’s present needs. - June 08, 2005

Believe in Bucktails
Looking to catch: A) Your first muskie? B) Your biggest muskie? C) The most muskies you've ever caught in a season? D) All of the above. Then there is one thing you need to do to accomplish one or all of those goals: BELIEVE IN BUCKTAILS!

Chasing Down June Walleyes - by Mark Leadens
June is prime time for chasing down hungry walleyes and is when some of the hottest action of the entire season takes place. It’s a time of the year that you really don’t want to miss because there are just too many good things going on. For one, the fish are getting their metabolism cranked up on high and two, the available forage base is at a seasonal low.

A Family Fishing Trip
We could talk about how to catch the big walleyes, Northerns, slab Crappies, big bull sunfish, or even big jumbo perch But I am going to talk about a nice day on the lake getting our next generation into fishing. Just some tips on getting our younger generation hooked on fishing.

Life-saving Life Jacket Loaner Program for kids
Life Jacket Purchases At BoatUS-Store.Com Raises Funds For Foundation's Life Jacket Loaner Program For Kids: has teamed up with the BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water to provide additional funding for its life-saving Life Jacket Loaner Program for kids.

The Peaks and Valleys of Reservoir Walleyes - By Rick Olson
They say the best time to go fishing is anytime you can, and that statement may be true. But there are peaks and valleys, peaks when the odds are tipped in your favor and valleys when they’re stacked against you. One of those peaks for reservoir walleyes is on deck right now and includes the period following the spawn, which happens to be May and June here in the Midwest.

Season of Change - By Ron Anlauf
The month of May can bring about big changes; changes in exactly where you might expect to find early season walleyes and just how active they’ll be. The controlling factor is the predominant weather and really is a wild card that can very greatly from year to year. Warm weather early on can give the open water season a jump start and push walleyes into early summer patterns much more quickly than normal. On the other hand persistent cold weather that never seems to let up can hold off normal seasonal changes and keep fish in a state of limbo, delaying what could have and maybe should have been.

Early Season Erie Walleyes - By Rick Olson
The overall winner and undisputed champion is none other than Lake Erie and it still retains the “Best Fishery in the World” title. Even though things have changed and loading the boat with giant eye popping walleyes isn’t as easy as it used to be it’s still good, real good. - Feb. 28, 2005

Ice-out Slabs - By Ron Anlauf
The mad rush for ice-out crappies starts and stays with shallow water, at least for most anglers. But for a few (those with a boat and a depth finder), there’s a real option, and it’s one that can pay off big time. Instead of standing shoulder to shoulder with all of the early season enthusiasts lining the banks you might be better off dropping the boat in for the first time of the year and finding a deeper variety of crappie.
- Feb. 28, 2005

Early 'Eyes - By Ron Anlauf
Even early on in the walleye season patterns emerge that can produce incredible action, if only they are discovered.  There are times when it seems like the deck is stacked against you but the pattern is there, if only you can find it.  Unlocking the secrets to early ‘eyes requires keeping a pulse on the current conditions, understanding their needs, and reacting accordingly. 

Put ’em Back Alive!
The Case for Better Catch and Release Methods - By Danny Suggs:
Next time you’re on the water, watch a group of anglers, especially the youngsters. Notice their natural impulse when they bring in a fish. They’ll reel it in, hold it aloft, smile and laugh, then almost automatically, toss it back.

Doing Your Homework - By Mark Leadens
Every year after year I run into all kinds of anglers while working the sport shows that have a lot of hope and are filled with excitement for the coming season. They come looking for something new, something that might give them an edge over a fish that can play extremely hard to get.

Spring on the River - By Adam Johnson
It was the Mississippi River.  A northern section with lots of backwaters, big dams, and that early spring current that moves fast in the channel.  I was there with a fishing buddy and we couldn’t decide whether to fish for walleyes or bass, so we flipped a coin.  Bass it is.

On the Road Again - By Ron Anlauf
So you’re looking for your first boat, and it’s a dandy. Or you’re thinking about trading up and getting into a new model that will deliver more comfort and fuel efficiency. One thing’s for sure, there is plenty to choose from. When you add up everything that’s available ( along with all the options ), the process can be a little mind boggling and may require some intensive thought and study. With most of the attention being focused on the details, it’s easy for buyers to overlook one of the most important aspects of their perfect rig; the trailer.

Distinctive Profiles Lure Predators
“I’ve seen it make all the difference in the world. Not every time, but fish definitely show a preference for certain shapes on a lot of days.” -- Hank Steele, longtime Rapala Club Administrator: All of us at least pretend to know something about the business of getting a fish to bite. We plug our past experiences into the computer, look at the water conditions, thrust a wet index finger into the air and grab a lure. Then we cast it out there, or put it at the end of a trolling setup, and see if it works.

The Well-Balanced Boat - By Adam Johnson
The boat-buying season is upon us. Boat shows all over the country are offering deals to anglers who want a nice shiny new machine. Want ads are bulging and boat dealers are smiling as anglers fan the flames of the boat-buying market. While a lot of the boats are sold as a package deal with boat, motor and trailer, there are anglers who know just what they want and order everything from the motor size to the sonars.
- Dec. 23, 2004

Dealing with Delayed Mortality - It’s all About Oxygen
By Adam Johnson:
Fighting, handling and holding fish in captivity place severe metabolic demands on brain, muscle, heart, gill and other organ tissues putting them at considerable physiological risk.  In general terms we call this stress. The degree of stress fish realize, and the potential for subsequent recovery, depends on the type and duration of the physiological stress we place them in and the environment in which they are allowed to recover. - Nov. 19, 2004

Last Chance for Open Water Walleyes - Ron Anlauf
There’s one last chance for scratching an open water itch and it’s coming soon by way of a river near you. There are plenty of ways available to most anglers throughout the Midwest and simply requires a will (and maybe a propane heater). Some of the larger and more well known ways include the Mississippi, the Fox, and the Illinois rivers, but there are many more and they might not receive the acclaim and the pressure.
- Oct. 20, 2004

So Many Crankbaits, So Little Time - by Rick Olson
There’s more shapes, sizes, and colors than you can shake a stick it, and there are more being added all the time. Crankbaits that run from shallow to deep, with tight wobbles to wide hard thumping actions, and colors that run from lifelike to downright gaudy, there are plenty of options. The problem is that all of them have their time and place and what it adds up to is a good deal of confusion. With so many choices it’s difficult to know where to start but there are a few short cuts to putting together a solid crank bait presentation. - Oct. 20, 2004

Saving the best for last - by Ron Anlauf
Just when you thought it was safe to winterize your rig and put it away for the season something comes along and changes things, like the urge to get on the water and give late fall walleyes one more try. It would be easier to write the whole thing off if it wasn’t so darn good and if you were less than a serious walleye angler. Serious anglers simply can’t ignore the tremendous opportunity of working the very last of the late season. The two to three week period before freeze up is what we’re really talking about, and it will be here and gone before you know it. In fact, the best action often occurs when shallower bays are starting to ice over and getting on the lake may become more of a challenge. 
- Oct. 1, 2004

A Winter Boat Storage Checklist - by Jerry Curtis
Simple, cheap insurance for a reliable craft next spring: Despite the warm September that provided bass anglers a bonus extended season this year, by the time late-October and early November arrives, hawg chasing has pretty much ended for the year. Many of us have hunting on the brain, and unless you¹re willing to trailer south to warmer climes, it¹s time for cold weather boat storage.
- Oct. 1, 2004

The Fall Fishing Challenge - Don't say it, do it!
By Danny Suggs: Fall fishing. Every autumn I hear anglers promise themselves that they'll spend a few days wetting a line. And every year, the pheasants and whitetails of the prairies and forests seduce them back onto dry land. If only those gents knew what they were missing. - Oct. 1, 2004

When the Bass are Down Deep - by Adam Johnson
There's a lake I've been fishing since I was just a small boy that has some interesting structure to it.  The mid-lake humps only rise from the bottom a few feet.  The tops are in about 26 feet and the bottom edges are in about 33 feet.  These are deep sunken islands and they hold lots of nice bass. - Sept. 1, 2004

Beating the tough odds of turnover fishing
The days that try walleye men's souls - By Perry Good
Think there's no such thing as a bad day on the water? Try walleye fishing around turnover. Some call it the fall lull, others declare it's "golfing time." By any name, the period around fall turnover is a tough timeframe to fish walleyes in the upper Midwest. Last year's Professional Walleye Trail championship occurred right at turnover in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and it was a challenging event.
- Sept. 1, 2004

The wild-eyed, aggressive hawgs of late September
Start with green weeds, then work deep - By Jerry Curtis
I consider September and October great months for fishing bass in the Midwest, after that all-important, post-spawn period in mid-June. That statement carries an important caveat: After August, fish begin to scatter, so you'll find fewer pods of largemouth like we did that month. By the time turnover occurs in late September, bass literally could be anywhere in the lake. Finding these fish is a challenge.
- Sept. 1, 2004

Tide Begins To Turn Following Mandatory Life Jacket Debate
A major national debate on whether recreational boaters should be required to wear a life jacket while underway in a boat ended last week with little support for the proposal. During a public forum conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), nearly every sector of the recreational boating community .... - Sept. 1, 2004

Bass Beyond The Edge - By Spence Petros
The weed flat looked perfect. Crispy, green cabbage weeds grew almost to the surface. Deep water kissed up to one side of this food shelve, where a scattering of rubble formed a thin border between vegetation and a plunge into the depths. A slower taper to the deeper water jutted off the other side of the shelve, which was made even more attractive by a band of low-growing fringe weeds outside the wall of cabbage. It had great potential for holding bass, yet in the three times I probed the edge all bass encountered were under 2 1/2 pounds, and they were scattered. - Aug. 13, 2004

Finding Hard to Find Walleyes - By Rick Olson
Here today, gone tomorrow. It’s the way of the walleye when it comes to early fall walleyes, but it’s not all bad. If you can read the conditions and anticipate their movements you can cash in, and sometimes with a vengeance. Late summer and early fall and be a challenging time, as walleye location and attitude may vary drastically. Mid to late summer usually makes for tougher walleye fishing, wherever you are. Instead of being bunched up in nice, neat, little specific areas, they can be spread out.
- Aug. 13, 2004

Early Fall Walleye Patterns - By Ron Anlauf
It’s good to have options, the more the merrier. Options mean opportunities, and right now there are real opportunities, especially if you’re a serious walleye angler. The season is the reason, and thanks to onset of fall there are more places to find more walleyes than at any other time of the year. Following the fall turnover solid patterns start to set up that anglers can really take advantage of, that is unless they’ve already given up. In that case they’re just plain out of luck, but looking on the bright side it does leave more for me and you, and is another reason why fall walleye angling is so appealing. - Aug. 13, 2004

One Simple Rule for Late Summer Bass… The secret: Think ‘deep weedlines’
By Jerry Curtis: We all know the basics of late summer fishing: Get out early before the recreational traffic, avoid making loud noises, use finesse lures, blah blah blah…. What about working man who knows the circumstances aren’t perfect, but can’t help it? He has one three-hour period per week to fish, and the good Lord has dealt him a tough hand. It’s 90 degrees and he’s fishing dead calm water at noon on an sunny August Saturday.
- July 29, 2004

Working Reeds - by Adam Johnson
Some people call them reeds; I call it bulrush.  No matter what you call this emergent vegetation you can almost always find some fish weaving through the filaments of green between the bottom and the surface of the water. 
- July 29, 2004

Spinner Rigging 101 - By Perry Good
Long days, warm nights, ample baitfish, and mud flats a-calling. Must be spinner rigging time! Every angler has a signature technique, and somewhere in my fishing history, I acquired a reputation as a spinner rigging guru. No doubt about it: From mid June and through August, I’m pulling a spinner rig about three-quarters of the time on the Professional Walleye Trail. It’s a great search bait, especially in low-snag areas like gravel bars or the mud flats of Mille Lacs where fish scatter this time of year. - July 29, 2004

Your Child’s First Rod and Reel Really is a Big Deal
A child’s first rod and reel is an important milestone on life’s journey say the people who run the Wal-Mart Kids All-American Fishing Derby. Here are some tips to help parents get it right. KETCHUM, Okla. Some gifts children receive are more than gifts; they are milestones, proud installments in life’s journey that say—with feeling  “You’re a big person now.”
- July 29, 2004

Secrets of the Bass Tournament Pros
Tips That Will Make You a Better Recreational Angler - By Jerry Curtis: Competitive fishing has made me a better angler. Yeah, tournaments generate some controversy, but I’m a better angler thanks to fishing hundreds of competitive angling events during the past 25 years. That’s the simple truth, and I’m sticking to it.
- June 23, 2004

Eight Walleye Angling FAQs From Walleye Groupies to Substituting Structure
By Perry Good: During my travels around Walleye Country USA, I hear many questions from anglers about angling tactics and professional fishing as a career. With this column, here’s my take on a few of the most frequently asked questions.
- June 23, 2004

Summertime Crappies by Adam Johnson
I had envisioned a quiet morning on the water chasing largemouth bass in the bulrush with a topwater lure.  Conditions were right.  The wind was a whisper and the weather had been stable for a few days straight.  Most of the bigger bass were likely laying in the deeper water on the weedlines and rock piles, but I wasn’t after lunkers.  I just wanted to catch a bunch of fish on lures that were floating on the surface.
- June 23, 2004

Hot Tips for Reservoir Walleyes - By Rick Olson
Finding and catching walleyes when it’s tough can be a tall task.  In fact the odds may be so stacked against you that hooking up with a fish or two is all that can be hoped for. Trying times call for determination and a good deal of patience.  A small amount of success can be extremely rewarding but it really doesn’t add up to all that much fun.
May 27, 2004

Bandit Lures® - FLATT MAXX®
Bandit Lures® of Sardis, Mississippi has recently introduced a new thin profile crankbait called FLAT MAXX™ to satisfy growing demand for this increasingly popular crankbait design. FLATMAXX™ combines a flatter, more shad-like profile with a new “coffin” lip that many crankbait makers have adopted in recent models. - May 27, 2004

Working Over Summer Walleyes - By Ron Anlauf
They’re getting deeper and deeper and there’s nothing you can do about it, except maybe go with them.  If you don’t you’re going to be out of luck, especially if you’re trying to put together a decent catch of mid summer walleyes. The thing is things do change, and can happen rather quickly when the July heat switch is turned up on high. Early season hot spots that had been so productive just a couple of weeks ago may be completely void of old marble eyes now, and it might take some serious moves to get back on the fish. 
- May 27, 2004

Mr. April strikes again
WALKER, Minnesota -- Tommy Skarlis has a new nickname. On the Professional Walleye Trail these days, he's referred to simply as "Mr. April." Three season-opening wins in four years -- including a victory two weeks ago on the Lake Winnebago chain in Wisconsin -- have earned that moniker for the Fishing the Wildside pro.
- May 13, 2004

River Bass Fishing - By Jerry Curtis
Too often here in the Upper Midwest, people dismiss rivers for bass fishing. Oh sure, there's the occasional smallmouth article with some fly-rod wielding yuppie targeting those trendy "bronzebacks," on a scenic bluff country stream. But seasoned bass anglers know that our rivers contain (pound for pound) some of the strongest largemouth bass in the country. - May 13, 2004

Forcing the Bite - By Perry Good
When finicky walleyes won’t cooperate, try these luck-changing tactics: About this time each year, visions of classic walleye fishing trips fill anglers’ brains. Fish are on a tear below the boat, slamming your Lindy rigs or jig-and-minnow combos while you expertly back troll through a picture-perfect chop. The whole experience culminates in a 26-inch golden walleye with massive shoulders and a photo-op that deserves the front cover of In-Fish.
- May 13, 2004

Spot-on-the-Spot Fishing
It's not enough, a lot of times, just to find a big piece of structure. Next time you ask somebody where they caught those nice fish and they tell you "out on that big reef," realize you aren't getting much information. No matter how many years have gone by since the 'fishing revolution' of the 1960s and 70s, most of us are still a bit fuzzy on the details when it comes to structure fishing.
- May 13, 2004

In Search of Big Pike - by Adam Johnson
Hooking up with a big northern pike can provide a fishing lesson.  Having a 10 to 15 pound pike on the end of the line can teach you if your fishing abilities are finely tuned or if there are some areas in your program that need some refinement. Consider the time when a fishing buddy and I were chasing big pike down on the Mississippi River south of Wabasha, MN.
- May 13, 2004

Evinrude Walleye Classic Increases Payout
Walker, Minn,--Fishing the WildSide, announced April 30th that Minn Kota Trolling Motors has agreed to a promotional sponsorship of the tournament which will increase payout to participants by thousands of dollars.  Earlier this spring the $100,000.00 Evinrude Walleye Classic announced the record sized purse included a 1st place prize package of a Evinrude Powered LUND Boat and Eagle Trailer. - May 13, 2004

Hooking Live Bait - “Live bait hooking options- which way is best?”
By Chip Leer - Fishing the Wildside: In simple mathematics, the sum is always greater than the parts. In fishing, a jig is just a jig and a minnow is just a minnow when they stand alone. However, if you put them together, they make a lethal combination for springtime walleyes across the Midwest. Like Puckett and Hrbek or Garnett and Cassell, it becomes a powerful 1-2 punch that leaves the opposition (in this case walleyes) fit to be fried. - Apr. 29, 2004

Tricky Rigs for Early Summer Walleyes - By Ron Anlauf
There’s more than one way to rig walleyes, and there’s a good reason for every possible option.  From the basic set-up, to bait selection, to seemingly unimportant details like hook color or leader length, the variations are limitless.  As subtle as the changes may seem, paying attention to details can mean more fish in the live-well at the end of the day.  The key is knowing where and when to change this or adjust that, and by identifying a few simple factors you too can easily put together a successful presentation.
- Apr. 29, 2004 

WildSide’s  $100,000.00 Evinrude Walleye Classic Gets Wilder!
Walker Minn.—For the first time in the events history the 2004 champions of WildSide’s $100,000.00 Evinrude Walleye Classic will be taking home a Evinrude powered LUND boat and Eagle trailer package worth over $25,000.00.  More changes to the 2004 tournament include a limited field, new awards and a festival type weekend are planned for June 5-6 in Walker, MN on the shores of Leech Lake, where anglers will be fishing for the largest payout in the events history.

Hot Tips for Ice-Out Crappies - By Ron Anlauf
Either they’re in or they’re out.  If they’re in let the games begin, and if they’re out let the games begin anyhow.  It’s just that when they’re in the game of finding and catching early season crappies becomes a whole lot easier. If they’re out they can still be caught but the job of finding them can be much more of a challenge and you may spend a lot more time looking and less time catching. - Mar. 26, 2004

Fishing the Illinois River - by Scott Fairbairn
At heart I’m a jig fisherman.  I grew up jig fishing on the Mississippi River and most of the lakes in Minnesota and I’m very comfortable with a jig rod in my hand – especially chasing sauger on the Illinois  River. There are things that saugers like, that are unique to sauger fishing, and once you learn this you will know how to trigger them. - Mar. 26, 2004

Getting Rigged for More Walleyes - by Rick Olson
There’s a good reason for all of it, no matter how it looks.  A big electric trolling motor here, a small gas outboard there, or electronics all over the place, the word “overkill” comes to mind but it really isn’t so.  Not in this day and age.  Today’s high tech walleye angler will use all of that fancy equipment at some point in time and will make what they want to do possible, and what they actually do much easier.  - Mar. 26, 2004

Start in the Weeds for Walleyes This Spring - by Perry Good
Weed walleyes are the Rodney Dangerfields of Midwestern gamefishing. Maybe it’s because they consort with those rough-and-tumble bass, but for whatever the reason, most anglers just don’t give them any respect. Too many walleye anglers ignore the weeds, especially early in the year. We buy the latest, hi-tech graphs during sportshow season, then dedicate ourselves to backtrolling over some prime, open-water structure come opener.  - Mar. 26, 2004

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