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August 2003
Carter Lake

by Tom Becksted

I recently had a chance to go out on Carters Lake and do a little bass fishing with Buddy from Bart.  Buddy invited me to go with him one morning and see how the chain gang lure would work on Carters Lake.  Well, there was a front coming in so the fishing was a little slow.  Buddy caught the most fish with a small worm and a small hair jig including a nice 3 pound spot.  But I caught the biggest one of the day – a 3 ½ pound spotted bass on the chain gang. 

I’ll tell you that fish about jerked the rod out of my hand when it hit that thing! The chain gang is soft, flexible but strong with more color and action than any spinner bait that you’ve ever seen.  If you fish with spinner baits and you’ve never used the chain gang, you’re missing out.  If you want to try one of these awesome lures, call me now at 770-883-1425.  Back to Carters Lake now. You can see by the pictures in this issue and the last one that there is no doubt customers of Carters Lake 1207 Bait & Tackle know where to go when they want to get what they need to catch fish.  Folks go to Carters Lake 1207 Bait & Tackle for several reasons.  First is the location on Hwy. 136 between Hwy.  411 and the road to the dam site and they are right next to the regulation lake.  By the way, I hear there are some pretty big fish in that regulation lake.  Carters Lake 1207 Bait & Tackle carries some of the finest live bait in North Georgia.  They carry camping supplies, snacks, drinks and tackle – all the stuff you need when you’re up there fishing.  They are open early 5 days a week, closed on Tuesday and Wednesday this time of year.  The latest fishing report from Carters Lake 1207 is in the river below the spillway a lot of blue cats, walleyes and gar have been caught and also some stripers and rock bass.  They told me something else that was interesting.  Someone brought in a lake trout they said they caught in the upper lake.  I haven’t had a chance to talk to anyone in the DNR Fisheries Department yet.  They may be surprised by this information as well.  I know they were a little surprised when I told them I caught some jack or yellow perch in Lake Allatoona.  They told me they were probably put in there by some helpful or unhelpful citizens.  I don’t know why lake trout couldn’t live in Carters Lake.  Walleyes do pretty well in Carters and there are many lakes up north where lake trout and walleyes live together quite well.  We will have to investigate this further.

I’d like to welcome Nutter Rod and Reel Service to the Georgia Fish and Game Finder Magazine.  Nutter Rod and Reel Service offer parts and repairs for major brands of rods and reels plus a whole lot more.  Nutters is a warranty center for Abu-Garcia, Mitchell, Quantum, Shimano, Zebco and North Georgia’s only Minn Kota Warranty Center.  Some of you may have been to their old location but wait until you check out their new one!  They have a beautiful new store right on Hwy. 411 in White, Georgia.  In this new store they carry quite a selection of rods, reels and tackle including Shimano, Eagle Claw, St. Croix rods and Minn Kota trolling motors.  They have some great deals on some of these items, too.  Nutter Rod and Reel Service also has the largest selection of crappie lures and tack in North Georgia.  They have a bunch of reconditioned reels for sale as well.  Nutter Rod and Reel Service is open early and carries live bait.  They are also centrally located not too far from Allatoona Lake and on the way to Carters Lake and a lot of other great fishing spots in North Georgia.  For more information or directions to Nutter Rod and Reel Service, call 770-386-3978 or log onto  When I’m up around the Chatsworth-Carters Lake area I like to stop at Malone’s Countryside Grocery.  Malone’s is the only place I know in North Georgia where I can get Mayfield soft serve flavor burst ice cream.  At Malone’s Countryside Grocery, they also have delicious broasted chicken, homemade biscuits, corn dogs, chicken tenders and more.  They carry live bait, tackle, gas, diesel, kerosene, LP, camping and picnic supplies.  Malone’s Countryside Grocery is located just a stones throw away from Hwy. 411 next to Old Hwy. 411 just up the road from Carters Lake and other great North Georgia fishing spots. For more information call 706-695-5800.

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