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Minnesota's August Heats Up With Pheasants Forever
Hunting seasons are still weeks away, but Pheasants Forever (PF) has a host of events this August sure to get your readers thinking about the outdoors this fall.

Wadena County Residents Form Pheasants Forever Chapter
Minnesota's 73rd PF chapter focused on improving wildlife habitat and youth involvement. Wadena, Minn. – June 13, 2007 – Conservationists, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts from Wadena County, Minnesota, have formed the Wadena County Chapter of Pheasants Forever (PF). The chapter - the state's 73rd - will focus its efforts on pheasant and wildlife habitat projects and youth conservation education initiatives in Wadena County and the surrounding area.

Cashing In On Metro Bucks By T.R. Michels
Whitetail hunters are learning that the place to hunt for trophies may not be wilderness areas or farms, but in and around major metropolitan areas. Many of the freeways surrounding these areas throughout the United States cut through old farm lots, agricultural fields, swamps ravines, and cross wooded creeks and river bottoms. These areas often remain undeveloped for years, providing excellent feeding and bedding areas for white-tailed deer. Some of the property may be purchased by large corporations that wish to build corporate headquarters in wooded areas.
Corn Country Bucks By T.R. Michels
In much of North America white-tailed deer can be found in and near cornfields. In the Midwestern cornbelt a majority of the whitetail's habitat may be corn. With the large size of these fields, and with the lack of wooded areas whitetail deer, including trophy bucks, travel, feed and bed in the corn. Because these fields offer security, bedding cover and food the deer spend all day in the corn. The often move out of the corn only at night as they go to water and search for clover, alfalfa, soybeans, winter wheat, grasses in CRP lands, and berries or nuts small hedgerows, ditches, fence lines, creek bottoms and woods.

MN Quail Forever Chapter Holds Inaugural Banquet
Caledonia, Minn. - The Southeast Minnesota Bobwhite Chapter of Quail Forever (QF), Minnesota's only quail conservation group, held its inaugural banquet on March 24th in Caledonia, with over 150 attending the fundraising event. The chapter, which formed in July of 2006, plans to use the funds raised on local quail habitat projects on the northern border of the bobwhite quail range in southeastern Minnesota.

PF's National Pheasant Fest coming to Saint Paul's RiverCentre next January
Saint Paul, Minn. - March 15, 2007 - At a press conference this morning, Pheasants Forever (PF) President and Chief Executive Officer Howard Vincent announced that Saint Paul is the destination for PF's fourth-ever National Pheasant Fest. Slated for January 18, 19 & 20, 2008, the event will be held at Saint Paul's RiverCentre. Vincent also announced that National Pheasant Fest 2008 will be a milestone event marking PF's 25th anniversary. PF was formed in Saint Paul in 1982 and is currently nationally headquartered in White Bear Lake. - March. 15th 2007

Spring Turkey Scouting / Scouting For The Turkey Opener - By T.R. Michels
It was still dark as I turned the Suburban off the gravel road onto the field access road that ended at oak woods a half mile away. Not wanting to alert the turkeys, I turned off the engine and got out, quietly closing the door behind me. I reached into my turkey vest, pulled out my Lohman owl hooter and blew eight notes, imitating the call of a Barred Owl.

Reading White-tailed Deer Signs - By T.R. Michels
White-tailed deer leave several different signs as evidence of where they have been. Both bucks and does leave behind trails, tracks droppings and beds. Bucks also leave behind rubs and scrapes as they prepare for the breeding season or "rut" during the fall. Knowing how to read these signs can help you to know when and where to find white-tailed deer throughout the year. 

Pheasants Forever Launches Build a Wildlife Area Campaign in South Dakota
Pheasants Forever (PF) announces the launch of the first annual South Dakota Build a Wildlife Area campaign.  Through the Build a Wildlife Area campaign, PF and partners will raise funds to be used for the acquisition of public game production areas (GPAs) in South Dakota.  All funds raised through the campaign will be tripled by matching grants. -

Pizza Ranch Tosses Dough to Pheasants
Hull, Iowa Company is First Official Corporate Partner of Iowa's Build a Wildlife Area Campaign: Saint Paul, Minn. - August 16, 2006 - Pheasants Forever (PF) announced today that Pizza Ranch has become the first corporate partner of the Build a Wildlife Area campaign in Iowa. The Hull, Iowa-based company has also signed on to be the presenting sponsor of the Youth Village at the National Pheasant Fest coming to the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines on January 19, 20, & 21, 2007.

What is The Rut? -
by T.R. Michels
Scientifically speaking the term The Rut refers to the time-frame when a male deer (of any species) is capable of breeding, which is generally accepted as from the time when a male sheds the velvet on its antlers in late summer or early fall, to the time it drops its antlers in winter or early spring; or as the time from when the first female comes into estrous, to the time when most of the females no longer come into estrous.

Pheasants Forever Says CRP Produces 13.5 Million Pheasants Annually
USDA Research Study Confirms CRP's Impact on Pheasant Populations: Saint Paul, Minn. - August 15, 2006 - Earlier today, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns announced the results of a study demonstrating the impact lands enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) have on pheasant populations. In follow-up to that announcement, Pheasants Forever (PF) estimates that the 25.5 million acres of CRP located in the pheasant range produce an estimated 13.5 million pheasants annually.

Minnesota Quail Enthusiasts Start Quail Forever's Northernmost Chapter
Public invited to chapter's meeting on Thursday, August 9th
St. Paul, Minn. - July 20, 2006 - Life-long quail enthusiast Thurman Tucker has started Minnesota's first ever Quail Forever (QF) chapter. Originally from Tennessee, Tucker has been working since 1973 to boost Minnesota's quail populations. A stable quail population used to exist in Southeastern Minnesota, but is now estimated to be at a mere 1,000 birds. The Southeast Minnesota Bobwhite Chapter of QF plans to hold their next meeting on Wednesday, August 9th, at the Good Times Restaurant and Bar in Caledonia, Minnesota at 7 p.m.
- July 22, 2006

Pheasants Forever Television Takes Wing for Second Season
Show to air Fridays and Sundays on the Outdoor Life Network:
Saint Paul, Minn. – The Outdoor Life Network (OLN) recently slotted the second season of Pheasants Forever Television to air on Fridays and Sundays at 11:30AM CDT / 12:30 PM EDT.  The season’s first episode will air on Friday, July 28th and Sunday, July 30th.  There will be 13 original shows and 52 total airings with repeats.  - July 22, 2006

Pheasants Forever Gives Youngsters a Voice on Conservation
New Youth Leadership Council Formed: Saint Paul, Minn. - April 17, 2006 - Pheasants Forever (PF) has selected 19 youths from around the country to form the first-ever National Youth Leadership Council. The Council's participants, all ages 10 to 16, will serve as advisors and spokespeople for their age group on issues related to the outdoors, conservation, hunting, and PF. - April 28, 2006

Minnesotan Wins Pheasant Hunting Trip by Carrying the PF Visa Card
Red Wing Man Bags His Limit of South Dakota roosters with PF Television Host Ron Schara: Pheasants Forever (PF) and U.S. Bank sent Larry Voth of Red Wing, Minnesota on an all-expenses-paid pheasant hunting trip to South Dakota last week.
- Dec. 06, 2005

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