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DNR warns of early season snowmobiling dangers - Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - The early October snowfall over much of Minnesota is a reminder that another snowmobile season is approaching.
Iowa Department of Natural Resources - LEWIS – Getting the chills in November is nothing new to folks living in the upper Midwest, it goes with the territory.

Hot and Cold Reservoir Walleyes
By Rick Olson - The “hot” is the level of intensity at first ice and the “cold” is well, first ice.  First ice action on big reservoirs can be white hot early on, and the big impoundments can offer some fantastic ice fishing opportunities.  That’s the good news.

Top Tactics for First Ice Walleyes
By Ron Anlauf -
Either you’re in or you’re out.  If you’re in, you’ve already gone through the preparation period of re-rigging and rearranging all of your gear and making sure that everything is up to the task.  If you’re in, the fun is just beginning.  If you’re in, you’ll be on the first safe ice that develops doing you’re best to put a few walleyes on the ice.

Walleyes with a Taste for Form & Structure
By Tommy Skarlis - Structure.  It’s a broad term that often gets tossed out in conversation with little thought. But in order to catch walleyes, especially during the winter months, structure is often the key. There are really two types of winter walleye anglers.

Bottom Dragging for Perch: A new method in an age old game
By Jay Weinecker -
Ice anglers continue to refine or adapt tackle and techniques to fill a wide spectrum of situations that dictate adapted presentations. The traditional ice fishing presentation is a vertical affair where the lure or bait is brought to life by jigging.

Secrets to Icing Walleyes
By Jason Mitchell -
Half the bottom appeared to rise and separate from the bottom so fast on the Vexilar that I practically flinched when the rod buckled. There was no question about getting hit, the fish was on and the game began.

Overcoming Obstacles to Ice-Fishing Success
By Dave Genz - In the past several years, I¹ve found myself using the word Œefficiency¹ more often, whether I¹m talking to somebody out on the ice or answering questions at a seminar. There are some inherent obstacles to overcome in ice fishing, and you¹ll catch way more fish if you learn to be efficient in everything you do.



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