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City and State: Eau Claire, WI.
Date Fished: 7-13-99
Email: contactguy@aol.com
From: Paul
Lake Name: Leech lake

Report: The fishing was slow is what the report was from the bait store in Walker. I fished for 3 hours with my kids and we got Two walleyes, and Four jumbo perch. The fish were deep in 22ft. Lindy rigs with leeches worked for us.

City and State: Ruffsdale,Pa.
Date Fished: 7/10/99 - &/17/99
Email: jeburnssr@aol.com
From: Jim Burns
Lake Name: Kinzu Dam / Allegeny Resevoir

Report: Fishing slow, Bite was mainly deep. Only success casting lures to structure netted sublegal muskies in the 16" to 18" range on shad raps or deep Rs, Also rockbass. Tried trolling to get down under 20' range, produced a few fish. Small walleye, and smallmouths. My 9 year old son manage to catch biggest fish, A 26" northern on a shadrap in shad finish. Water was very clear, could see lures and fish down 4 feet or so. Had several big fish follow up to boat but no takers. Marked a lot of fish on LCR. Suggest finding fish on LCR and set-up drift to drift through schools with shinners set to various depths relative to fish early or late in day. Midweek less lake traffic to deal with. A lot of water to deal with, Try to eliminate wasting time on unproductive water. Cruise around to find submerged ridges and structure to target, Think it would payoff.

Water Temp: ?

City and State: SHELL BEACH, LA.
Date Fished: JULY 9 THRU THE 14
Email: capthook@bellsouth.net

Report: Back from 6 days at the BEACH and it was smokin, limited out every day and was back in  before 11:am. Friday it was Ron Webber's group, Sat. it was Walter Barial and his, Sun. it was Henry Thomas and his group, in from Miss., Mon. it was John Pounders of J.J. Fishing Fever T.V. show which will air Friday July 23rd., Tuesday, Jim Blackburns' group came in to put a few in the box, and finally, today Alan Davis hammered some of those Breton Sound specks, and we headed for the rocks to top off the box with a couple of reds to put on the barbi. All the fish were caught on the great live shrimp from Campos', they got out there and did their thing......Don't miss the great Shell Beach action  ..........ON SITE OVERNITE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR UP TO 8 PERSONS........2 BOATS AVAILABLE (504)643 5905..............CAPT. HOOK

Water Temp: N/A

City and State: Cohasset Harbor, MA
Date Fished: Week of 5th
Email: bfast@bigfoot.com
From: B-Fast Sharters
Lake Name: Boston Harbor & South Shore- Stripers

Report:Boston Harbor and South Shore Stripers-7/10/99 This week the harbor came alive in the mornings on the out-going tide. The bass were set-up working silversides and small herring on the Dorchester Flats, Castle Island and the Governors Island Flats off the airport. Most of the fish were between 20 and 27 inches, however mixed in was the occasional keeper. On fly tackle chartreuse half & halfs with 300-400 Orvis DepthCharge line and about 4 feet of 20# fluorocarbon leader produced best. When the bass stayed up, sliders, gurglers, and small blue and white poppers worked well with floating line. Light-spinning tackle with 3/8-1/2 jigs with Fin-S and Shad-body rubber baits matched the bait-fish well and were clobbered on morning the feeding forays.

Barry Cuiffo of Waban, MA and friend had their best-ever fly trip finding the fish inside the channel pinning the bait against the wall by Logan. The bird activity was so disruptive to departing aircraft, that airport personnel had to throw M-80's into flocks of gulls to disperse the birds--the bass kept on feeding.

On Tuesday morning, we met Jim Matheson, his son-in-law from Boston and Mike Bessy of Acton, MA, at Rowes Wharf. Jim's son-in-law's 30 inch keeper off the airport took top honors.

Cohasset's ledges are still very slow for this time in the season. Some of the "high-liners" who commercial fish for bass are producing one bass a tide.

The highlight of the week was Ed Csenge's, of Keen, NH, family trip on Thursday. We fished the harbor early returning to the ledges off Cohasset to fish the last two hours of the ebbing tide. Young Tom Csenge, age nine, hooked and landed a 40", 22 pound linesider that is bound for the taxidermist--one of the few big bass taken on the ledges this week. On Plymouth resident Rich Gladdy's trip on Friday, we had acres of breaking bass to ourselves on the morning incoming tide off Rainsford and Long Island. On numerous occasions, all three fisherman were hooked-up to surging stripers.

Check out Tom Keer's "Boston's South Shore" article in the September, 1999 issue of the Fly Fisherman magazine. Capt. Mike Bartlett B-Fast Charters www.spav.com/progc/bfast/  Water Temp: 60

City and State: Deerwood, Minnesota
Date Fished: 7/12/99
Email: tjsguide@emily.net
From: TJ's Guide Service - Jerry Williams
Lake Name: Lake Mille Lacs

Report: Fishing on Mille Lacs remain excellent with fish going on the mud as well as the deep gravel. The mud bite is on spinners and either crawlers or minnows, work the top edges first and the the bottom. Slots are plentiful. Check out Eight Mile 7 and 9 Mile and Matton Flats for your good slots. Gravel fish are going on the 2, 4, and 5 Mile, spinners and crawlers will take excellent numbers. SEe you on the water-Jerry
Make sure to call soon, there are a few openings left. Half Day - $150.00 Full Day - $250.00 218-678-3452

Black/Rock Bass Rum River
Looking to find out what to use in catching rockbass in the rum river, below the Anoka city dam, MN tried a few different thing only caught a channelcat an a few bluegill. Any help would be very helpful.

Thank you Ridgerun66@aol.com

City and State: Shell Beach, La.
Date Fished: July 6 and 7
Email: capthook@bellsouth.net
From: Capt. Hook / Escape Charters
Lake Name: Breton Sound

Report: Dr. Donald Berry and his group came down to the BEACH Monday night to take advantage of our first class accommodations and fish Tuesday, and after a brisk 50 foot walk to the Privateer, we headed for Breton Sound.We settled down at our first stop and it wasn't long before everyone was hooked up, this lasted for a while until the wind picked up, so I moved and it wasn't long til we were on them again. On Dr Berry's first cast he got spooled by a large creature who by now should be arriving at the Cuban coast. From then on the trout and Redfish got active and they put it on them, although there was this one 6 lb. drum that I think everyone caught and released, I know he was glad to see us leave as the thunderstorms started bubbling. Final count 68 trout and 4 reds and 4 drum, oh, I mean 1 drum 4 times. Had a blast Doc., looking forward to the next one.Wednesday, it was the Pete Yoder group from Baton Rouge who experienced some of the finest fishing the BEACH has to offer, upon arriving at the honey hole we never looked back, it was 2 to 3 lb. trout almost every cast for 2 hours. With 125 beautiful specks in the chest, there was nothing else to do but head for Campo's and get these guys back home for a trout filet supper. Had a great time with some good fisherman and all around great guys, the next one is comming soon guys so keep those rods handy........CAPT. HOOK......ON SITE OVERNITE ACCOMMODATIONS............(504)643 5905

City and State: downey, calif.
Email: fishman99@mediaone.net
From: sal moralez
Lake Name: carl's lake,scott county minn.

Report: any reports on the fishing on carls lately? will be arriving on the 28th of aug. please e-mail me your results. thanks

Kinzua Dam Dam surrounding area

Planning on heading up to the Kinzua Dam area, ERIE, Lake Ontario, over 10 days in July. Looking for Walleye in Kinzua! Is it there? What are your suggestions around those areas. Will use Penn 1000 Med. weight rig. 8-10 LB test. Do you know any sure bets in any of the areas I've mentioned? Any Cool Campgrounds?

Harriet Barnard HBarnard@cpsg.com

Pike Lake
I'm trying to find out about Pike Lake. I was told it was around Hartford, but I've had no luck in finding it, do you know about this lake? If so could
you please e-mail me and let me know? Thanks
Sandy VirgoSandy@aol.com

Camping Fishing
need to know some information on higgins lake. would a 14ft. boat be to small for this lake also if the fishing is good end of july first part august.also what species of fish are there. and some nice campgrounds. or if you have any other suggestions of other lakes in this area. species of fish mostly iinterested in is walleye and pike.

e-mail me at "Chuckman1043@yahoo.com

Hi my husband and I will be staying at Midway Campsites July 13 to 17h and we wondered if you could tell us a couple of hot spots on Black Lake for walleye and Pike and what they might be biting on.Any information will be appreciated thank you Anne and Rich Wright

Hello. My name is chris. I am a resident of california, & an avid fisherman too. One day, Iwas fishing in california in the tule river for trout. Then i caught a small 6-8 inch trout, which seemed to look like a Golden trout. It had the same markings as a golden trout but it had some which weren't at all like golden trout. For instance, it had a thin red line in the center of it's body with small pale blue patches on it. Now that was an average color of golden trout, but the un-normal color was that it had alot of spots on it and it had no red or orange belly.Please identifie this fish for me. Could it be a hybrid? Please reply, and thank you.

Chris Kocharians [metallicshark@yahoo.com]

City and State: deer river ,mn
Email: hotsht333@aol.com
From: Mark
Lake Name: Winnie

Report: how is the walleye fishing on winnie right now i am going to be there next weekend. any pointers?

City and State: Ruffsdale,Pa.
Email: jeburnssr@aol.com
From: Jim
Lake Name: Allegheny Reservoir

Report: Looking for information/tips for northern area of reservoir neer PA./N.Y. boarder. Will be arriving in area on July 10th till the 17th. Going mainly for Bass and Walleye. Have done well locally on Keystone power dam and Mon. river with Shad Raps in blue/silver and Rattling Rap in shad, even with the heat and low water level. Fished mainly in early A.M. till around 11:00 am.

City and State: BAUDETTE MN
Date Fished: 6/30 -- 7/1
Email: ballards@baudette.means.net
From: Gary Moeller

Report: Walleyes, walleyes, walleyes, that's where I've been the past couple of days. For Lake Of The Woods, in the first part of July, it's been transition time. On Wednesday I pounded the rock reefs for the better part of the day, and pretty much came up empty. Some heavy rains had clouded up the water, and there was not much to be had on the rocks. It's still a little early. Shallow or deep didn't seem to make a difference. They just were not home. I did manage to scratch out one nice walleye. The fish went 26 inches. It was released. Anyway, weather wise, it was a nice day to be out. On Thursday, I switched gears and tried my luck at trolling. Working the mud flats for a half day in about 34 - 37 feet, and was fairly successful. The first walleye of the day went 27 inches. Approx 7 ½ pounds. Luckily, I remembered the camera for a photo opportunity. The best fishing was in that 35 foot range just west of Long Point. We kept just enough fish for supper, an!

d called it a day. For now, the mud-flats on Lake Of The Woods are out producing the reefs. But, that could change. We need some more consistent weather for the walleyes to get on the rocks. See you out there. ballardsresort.com

Water Temp: 68 degrees

City and State: Deerwood, Minnesota
Date Fished: 6/30/99
Email: tjsguide@emily.net
From: TJ's Guide Service
Lake Name: Lake Mille Lacs

Report: The mud bite is on and very active, presentations that are working real well for us is, spinner rigs and crawlers, fish the edges for best results. On the south end try 4 or 5 mile deep gravel, drifting the tops with spinners.

TJ's Fishing Guide Service 218-678-3452

City and State: Traverse City
Date Fished: 6-27-99
Email: deanmatt@pilot.msu.edu
From: Matt
Lake Name: Traverse City-East Bay

Report: On the East side of Esat Bay, in Lake Topago, the fish were biting on every cast. We caught two dozen perch, a 24" pike, and several bluegills. BEWARE!!! The water is very shallow (between 6" and 24") and it may require you to pull your boast over the sand

Water Temp: 79

City and State: Medway, Ohio
Date Fished: 8-1-99
Email: Sagowitz@ERI.net
From: Karl Sagowitz
Lake Name: Saginaw Bay Bay City Michigan

Report: I need a couple of locals out of Bay City or vicinity. Coming up 8-1-99. Looking for big walleye. Sure would some appreciate some information. Please e mail. Thanks, Karl

City and State: mn
Date Fished: 06/27/99
Email: blueyesm2@hotmail.com
From: blueyesme2
Lake Name: mille lacs

Report: caught a 30 incher in the bay across from the casino just off the mud flat with my fishing partner tony. we released the fish after we took pictures. we only caught three fish in 7 hours from 6am till 1pm. it was still a great trip

City and State: Austin MN
Email: blmoser@smig.net
From: Brian Moser
Lake Name: Leech Lake

Report: I will be going to Leech over the July 4th weekend can anyone help with where to find those elusive eyes? Would appreaciate any info.


City and State: west bloomfield MI
Email: sublime231@juno.com
From: nick
Lake Name: cass union oakland co

Report: can anyone help me i can't catch walleye any were

City and State: SHELL BEACH, LA.
Date Fished: 6/23 THRU 6/26
Email: capthook@bellsouth.net
Lake Name: ELOI BAY

Report: Great speckled trout action, 3 limits Wed., 4 limits Thursday and 3 limits Friday, (13 to 22 ins.) Live shrimp under a cork. Will be back at it for the next 5 days, will report then....CAPT. HOOK.... ON SITE OVERNITE ACCOMMODATIONS....2 BOATS AVAILABLE... (504)643 5905.

City and State: Omaha, NE
Date Fished: 7/2/99
Email: rmcgaugh@inacom.com
From: R McGaugh
Lake Name: Lake Tetonca

Report: I am going up to Lake Tetonca. What's biting & what have you been using for bait?

Lake Winnie
I was wondering if you had a more recent report on Lake Winnie, Deer Lake MN. A bunch of us are going up there in mid july and we were wondeirng if there is any info. Can you also give us some ideas on what the water temp could be and the type of presentation that would be best for the conditions. Also would you please help on hot spots on the lake and any other info you could help us with for a very successful trip.

John GarthRulz3@aol.com

We would like to know a campsite closest to the New York State Fair in Syracuse. We don't know the area. Please e-mail back any suggestions you might have.

Michelle & Matt Michelle michmat@email.msn.com

City and State: Waconia, MN
Date Fished: All the time
Email: mdpeters@smumn.edu
From: "Bass Master" Matt
Lake Name: Waconia

Report: Walleyes are still biting. Inside and outside weed lines are good for all species. Spinnerbaits have been hot for bass and pike. The walleyes are also being caught alone the weedlines and were the weeds me the rocks. Matt's Metro Guide Service (612) 442-4503 Water Temp: 71-73

How is the musky fishing in Lake St. Claire? are there any places to stay on the lake?
Please respond.
Bobby Franklin Fish7608@aol.com

Could you send us or put us in contact with someone in the Lake Hamilton Area of Hot Springs Arkansas. I am seeking more information about the lake and what the Stripers are biting on, because we are taking a trip there for a week and we hope to catch some fish.

Thanks a lot Kevin Thompson kathom1921@aol.com

Seeking Help
I'm in need of help ! What to use for striper fish in Hamilton lake in Hot Springs Arkansas.
I am going to try my luck and go do some striper or bass fishing. Ive looked at what I think to be every websight to find out tips on what to use, where to try on the lake,someone told me to locate a topomap of this lake. looking at your websight you may know what to use,type of rod and reels and any other type of information to use. if you can help please do. Thank You. kathom@aol.com

City and State: Baudette MN
Date Fished: 6/18 to 6/25
Email: ballards@baudette.means.net
From: Steve Martin

Report: Hey sportsfans! Another beautiful day here on the south shore of Minnesota's Lake Of The Woods. The walleye bite has been decent for us throughout this past week, and we anticipate that it will carry into this upcoming weekend. Ever since that cold snap knocked us off our rocker twelve days ago, the active schools of walleye have changed their pattern, and we've had to give chase. Those soft and smooth sand shorelines that we all enjoy dragging live bait across have become more or less deserted. The better fishing has switched to the "flats", and especially the big fish acitvity. Since moving out to the mud this past week, we've really seen some nice catches. Lot's of 'eyes coming to the boat for a photo and release. This week we had one trophy walleye that tipped the scale at 10 ¾ pounds. It was a beauty!!! To date, the majority of our efforts have been concentrated straight out from the Lighthouse Gap in approx 32 to 34 feet of water. Controlled depth fi!

shing. Hot baits have been shad raps and reef runners. Until next time, good luck, and keep that rod tip up. www.ballardsresort.com

Water Temp: 68

Fishing in Georgia


Lake Saganaga (Spell). BWCA
I have relatives coming up from the South for a canoe fishing trip to Sag.l
They would like to stay away from the motorboats, but still have good fishing. Any thoughts on x specific areas to fish 
Any hot fishing spots. Help!
An amatuer from MN DFin8764@aol.com

Lake Kabetogama, MN

City and State: SHELL BEACH, LA
Date Fished: 6/19 TO 6/22
Email: capthook@bellsouth.net
Lake Name: MACHIAS

Report: After 4 days at the BEACH and enough wind to put Monica to shame, had to fish the inside waters and although the trout were plentiful, probably the biggest trout caught was 18 ins., and plenty of throwbacks that will be fair game in the Spring. The action was fast and furious, which made up for the lack of size, live shrimp under a popping cork was best with a cotton candy french fry comming in a strong second. Will be fishing through the 2nd., will post then........ON SITE OVERNITE ACCOMMODATIONS (504)643 5905.....don't miss the great Shell Beach action............CAPT. HOOK

Water Temp: N/A

City and State: LeClaire, IA
Email: bassrat@aol.com
From: Clint
Lake Name: Mississippi River Pool 13&14

Report: I have been fishing in the Mississippi River the last 4 days and had very limited success. Is anyone catching Walleyes anywhere!!!! How about Bass!!! And if so let me know how you are catching these fish. Thanks.

Water Temp: 77

City and State: dassel, MN
Date Fished: June 21st
Email: kleinboy@cs.com
From: Chad Klein
Lake Name: Little Swan Lake

Report: Had a pretty good day of fishing on this lake today...I was focusing my interest on the north end about 150 feet off the shore line where lilly pads and other aquatic plant growth is abundant. I thought this area of the lake might be a great spot to try for some bass or northern pike so I rigged my line with a power-bait black scented plastic worm and a weedless hook. After about my third cast I hooked a nice sized 1.5 pound, 12 inch long small-mouth bass!..I then decided to just jig the black worm up and down along side the boat about 1 foot above the lake bed witch is about 6 ft deep. After about 5 minutes of jigging it up and down I hooked an 8 pound, 2 foot 3 inch Northern Pike!!..which gave me quite the fight to bring in. My bother,John, was out earlier with me that day and he caught a nice sized crappie about 7" in length. This lake is full of above average sized blue-gills as well. Little Swan Lake is small(about 45 acres in size) but it does have some nice size!

d fish in it. If you want to try this lake, I recommend that you try the north end and the west-central areas about 100 ft from the shore...The public access is on the west side of the lake right at the intersection of Cty Rd 4 and Cty Rd 24. The public access also has a really nice dock set-up so you can fish right of the shore if you prefer. Alot of sunfish and crappies have been caught from that dock!!..Good luck and if you do catch a good-sized fish from this lake..please report what type of fish, it's size and the location you caught it on this web page...that way we all know where to look for the big ones!!!.....HAPPY FISHING!!!

Water Temp: unknown


Hi im ready for some information on catfishing. i love to catfish i have been to several lakes and most are spawning or something isnt right. i would like some info on catching these cats if posssible.we have blues shovelheads and channel cats.thanks for youre time clayton mckee


Could you send us a little bit more of information about Greers Ferry lake and what the Walleyes are biting on, because we are taking a trip there for a week and we hope to catch some fish.

Thanks a lot Simone Miller cybersimone@ez-net.com

Spare spool for Quantum Energy E5-4 reel
Does anyone know where I can get extra spool for above reel? Zebco Corp.'s website is unuseable and you can't get through on their regular E mail either! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Kevin


Email: Dave873@webtv.net
From: David

Report: I am planning on going fishing at Lake Red Rock this weekend and I was wondering if anyone could give me some good tips on fishing this lake. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks !

City and State: fort dodge Iowa
Email: tkinseth@fort-dodge.k12.ia.us
From: Tom Kinseth

Report: We are going to Orr Minnesota in last week in July. The lake is called Pelican Lake. WE are looking for crappies and Walleyes and Northerns. If there are other lakes in the region that are good producers please let me know

City and State: SO. MINNIE
Lake Name: WINNIE


City and State: Baudette, MN
Date Fished: June
Email: ballards@baudette.means.net
From: Ballard's Resort
Lake Name: Lake of the Woods

Report: 6/17/99.......Hello Sportsfans! We're moving closer to the official date of summer here on the south shore of Lake Of The Woods, and the walleye activity continues to be somewhat sporadic. Last weekend, specifically Friday and Saturday, our guided charters enjoyed great success across the majority of our "favorite spots." The walleyes were piled up on the sand near Garden Island, and the bar off Little Oak, and we crushed 'em. Some of the guides boated in the proximity of 60 to 90 walleyes. That's no tale! Five to six people on the charter plus your guide, and that's a pretty darn good day. Especially when you throw a shore lunch in there. Crawlers and leeches and minnows on a spinner rig did the trick. Most of the boats were working that 10 to 16 foot range. Good action for everyone. The small boats here on the south shore were also boating some decent catches. Once we got past Friday and Saturday, the weather and the fishing both changed. Cooler temps pr!

evailed, and the walleyes pushed out away from those shallow shorelines. We saw lows in the 30's and highs in the lower 60's. Along with the cool temps we were also greeted with a northwest wind that lasted for three days. That my friends put a damper on the action for our mid-week guests here at Ballard's. But, we managed to struggle through the week. Right now, we again need some consistent weather. When the weather's decent, so is the angling. When the weather's poor, so goes the fishing. Hopefully this weekend we'll turn things up a notch. Until next time, keep that rod tip up. Fish on!!

www.ballardsresort.com Ballards Resort 1-800-776-2675 Water Temp: 62 degrees


City and State: anoka ,county
Date Fished: 6/18/99
Email: benstackle@juno.com
From: Ben
Lake Name: mille lacs

Report: Fished from 8:30PM to 1:30AM, on spider reef. Limited out , after catching 35 walleyes . All but 12 were over 20 inches. One went 28 inches. Used leeches in 5 to 10 foot on the rocks. Glow jigs, hooks, and orange hooks all worked. Tried trolling crankbaits , that worked also. Tight lines to all.

Water Temp: 66.5deg.

Email: lastcast13@yahoo.com
From: lastcast
Lake Name: first lake
Report: HELP WANTED !!!!

Looking for information on the Willow River, MN area. Willow is located approx-110 miles North of the cities on I-35.

Looking to do some TV Video Production in that area for some segments in an upcoming fishing show.

Am trying to find out if the Willow River area has Internet Service of any kind so that I might contact folks on the net in that area.

If you know of anyone in the Willow River Area on the net, PLEASE have them comtact me at the following e-mail address. Important for success of this project. THANK YUO in advance for any and all help........Lastcast.

E-Mail: lastcast13@yahoo.com

City and State: Cohasset Harbor, MA
Date Fished: 6/12/99
Email: bfast@bigfoot.com
From: B-Fast Charters
Lake Name: Boston Harbor & South Shore-Stripers
Report: Boston Harbor and the South Shore-Stripers

On Friday 6/11, we hosted the editorial staff from the Fly Fisherman &Virtual Flyshop, Greg McDermid, Ross Purnell, Ben Ardito and Tom Keer. We started out off Rainsford Island in the Harbor with birds working breaking fish feeding on silversides. Tom and Ben worked from Tom's 18 ft. Maritime skiff, LIZA B, while Greg and Ross worked the platforms on my 20 ft. Hydra-Sport, B-FAST. We were into the fish immediately, with chartreuse half & half's and epoxy-headed deceivers working equally well. It was a pleasure to have two guys that could throw the fly line to the backing, both on the forward and back cast. As the tide flooded in the feeding activity increased off Gallop Island. We raced to a pod of breaking fish and Greg hooked what proved to be his biggest fish of the trip-a "keeper" of about 28 inches.

We headed to the outer-harbor next in hopes of fishing some of the rocky promontories the Harbor Islands and the South Shore has to offer. On rounding Pt. Allerton, we spotted some birds working bait in the deep-water. We arrived first and Ross "T. Boss" fired a cast into the sounding school. As luck would have it, Ben's line was tangled. Big Bass were practically bouncing-off

the bow of Tom's skiff with Ben , in the bow, powerless to do anything about it! Meanwhile, back on the B-FAST, Ross T. was doing battle with what we hoped to be a real "slammer". Tom, sliding off to the north following the moving school, fired out a big deceiver and hooked "Walter". Ross's 27" bass was photographed and released. We turned back to follow the action on the LIZA B, arriving just in time for a "photo-opp" of Tom landing his 40", 22 pound Striper. The fish had a 12 inch pogy or menhaden in it's gullet. Heavy sea, with rollers crashing over the structure, precluded our outer-harbor exploration.

On Saturday 6/12, due to a last-minute cancellation, I guided Ross T. and Greg "packy" Dermid to the South Shore ledges off Cohasset. Tom opted to serve as mate on the B-FAST, wielding the net and the one-liners with equal deftness. Fortunately, the seas subsided allowing us to get close enough to fire casts into the wash on the ledges. On the first stop, both Greg and Ross doubled on a pair of bass in the high twenties. On most of the ledges, the results were similar. Nothing really big, but great fun targeting specific locations on structure. Accurate, long casts, both forward and back from the platforms, keeping contact with the fly, brought frequent hook-ups to the Westerners and a flow of entertaining expletives from mate Keer.

Sunday, John Bowman and friend, avid trout fishermen from PA, fished the inner-harbor.

We found the fish, on the incoming tide, off Rainsford and Gallops feeding on silversides and herring. "Pea-soup" fog kept the competition down. At one point, we found ourselves virtually alone in acres of birds, bass and bait. With Garmin's G-Map GPS, we were able to run back to the school, consistently keeping both angler's fly rods double-over with fish between 20 and 27 inches.

Capt. Mike Bartlett B-Fast Charters bfast@bigfoot.com www.spav.com/progc/bfast/

Water Temp: 55

Leech Lake Walleyes
I'm planning a week of fishing on Leech Lake in Northern Minnesota starting 6/26/99 (staying in Kabakona Bay). I have read reports for the month of May, but nothing yet for June. What are they hitting on and where. I have a detailed map, so should be able to locate anything you refer to. My email address is: HRCC130@aol.com. Thanks.

Fisherman in need of information about Fort Gibson Lake in Okla.
What areas of the lake are the bass biting in right now? How deep is the bass? Also what are they biting on? Your information would be greatly apprecieted. I would like to know if possible by sunday, june 20th.

Thank you .My e-mail address is fisherman106@yahoo.com

City and State: Rochester, Mn
Date Fished: ?
Email: zengvang@hotmail.com
From: Zeng
Lake Name: ?

Report: Anybody knows where there are plenty of white bass...I like to know and want to fish them...give me the best Lake or river...thanks!!!

Water Temp: ?

Mark Marino
Clearwater, MN
E-mail mmarino@juno.com



Date Fished: 6/13/99
Email: lnxs666a@lynxus.com
From: bglenn
Lake Name: mille lacs

Report: fished the rocks sunday real nice chop drifted the rocks took 8 home most between 15-16in caught 13 total largest 5 lbs

City and State: anoka county
Date Fished: 6/12/99
Email: benstackle@juno.com
From: Benny
Lake Name: Milac’s Lake

Report: Fishing was not as good as Lundeens said it was, but we did catch one walleye over 29in. . Tried the weed break in vineland bay,rocks and gravel off indian point, gravel bars to the southeast, 4-5 mile gravel bars, and finally the 8 mile flat.

Won’t tell where the 29incher was caught, but it is still swimming there, we caught 3 othe keepers.

Even the pro’s in the tournament were not catching many fish.Well thats way it is called fishing i guess. Try the long line lindy rigs,with both leeches and crawlers, also spinners were taking a few. The flates were producing the big fish,gravel the keepers. Tight line to all, Benny.

Water Temp: 69.5-71 deg.

Lake Winnibigoshish
I am planning a week fishing trip from the 2nd. of the July till the 9th. Can you give me some good perch spots on winnibigoshish. I’ll be staying at Judds.

Thanks, Larry G. lrgrabar@ameritech.net

City and State: Garrison, Minnesota
Date Fished: 6/9/99
Email: fishingresorts@minn
From: Dave Johnson
Lake Name: Lake Mille Lacs

Report: The fishing on the rocky reef in front of Eddy’s Resort is producing some big walleys and some pike. The best fishing is at night near Indian point. Good Luck

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